Yes all of richmond, it has snowed! That means you can drive your minivans on whatever side of the street you want, and less that 5 miles per hour.

All I have to say is huge thank you to the inventor of the VPN. I left work a little early before the roads got really bad and worked from home. It was worse yesterday than it is this morning, I was jut hoping NOT to get stuck in the altima. The altima ran ok, traction control was nice. Thing is…that only helps you move. Stoping sucks. Especially when you have tires that are made for DRY pavement only. I took the truck today to work, but the roads really were not bad at all.

Tonight we have some special guests coming down to VCU. Two MVP’s from Microsoft. I am hoping to get down there after work to meet them and listen to what they have to say. This is another event coming from our .net users group at VCU.

In the world of programing, i am having my own fun. I really like Again, i would love to make a real site using it. It also has inspired me more to learn something more like PHP possibly. Mainly to redo part of this site and move away from blogger. Is blogger bad, no. But I would like to make my own system. The project I have been working on is coming along really well. I hope tonight even to have it almost complete. Thing is, the server we were using at school had hardware failures…so now the issue is where to host it!

I am listening to: A cover of “Ramble On” by Train (its not half bad either!)


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