Party Patrol!!

SWEET! We now have our VERY own PARTY PATROL!

This letter is to inform you that a Party Patrol, consisting of officers from the Richmond Police Department Third Precinct, the VCU Police Department and the Virginia Department of Alcohol Beverage Control, has been formed. The Party Patrol will patrol areas of the Fan on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights during the month of December. The goal of the Party Patrol is to reduce the disorderly nature of parties that occur in that area.

The Patrol will have the ability to arrest individuals who are publicly intoxicated, who provide alcohol to minors, or who are underage drinkers. Additionally, information on the owner of the residences where the parties are being held will be provided to neighbors so that warrants can be obtained.

Please remember that you represent VCU in the community and that you should demonstrate the appropriate behavior, even when off campus. The University has the right to adjudicate students who have been convicted of off-campus crimes. The entire Rules and Procedures, which outlines the expectations and consequences of student behavior, can be found in the Resource Guide and on line at

We encourage all students to be safe and to use good judgement.


I go to parties downtown. I have fun.

I emailed this guy, and got quite a stupid response. I mentioned how its nice that were at the top of the list for most murders and crime (hey, at least we are at the top of some list). I also asked why cant they put more cops on that, or on people being hit in the head with tools, or getting the homeless away from the students. All I got was a “we are activly pursusing incidents”. Yeah, like they pursued that Behl girl. We all know that one had a great ending!

Next i think the fashion police should join forces with the Richmond city cops as well as VCU’s finest to go after students with popped collars!


3 thoughts on “Party Patrol!!

  1. Hey, as a girl who lived downtown and is now in the fan i’m oretty greatful for this. i don’t think that the party patrol is meant to infringe on the rights that students have to happiness and pleasure. And yes there is crime here in the city but there are also poeple who can’t seem to get so much as a good night’s sleep throughout the entire weekend. But guess what, there’s crime everywhere, and although it’s still great here in Richmond, it’s decreased greatly over the last year since the policy changes last January (remember that we’re #5 from the year of 2003-2004 and not because these have been happening this last year). Hopefully this trend will continue and for folks like me, we hope that there will be some peace for a change after 2am.

    hey, i party too. Every other weekend. So you can just shove away any thoughts that i’m some kind of a puritain.

  2. dear anonymous girl in the fan,

    thanks for your comment. if you do come back (which i hope you do, i would love more richmond readers), hopefully you see this.

    i agree with you. if someone was making noise near my appartment (mind you, really chris is the only one down here that would 🙂 ), id be pissed. Mind you, thats why i live in western henrico rather than within the city.

    Im not saying you shouldnt live in the fan, i wouldnt mind really. I was looking down there when looking for a place. my best friends live on grove a block from campus. my thing, is that if you live in a college area like that, same as if you live in the dorms, you should almost expect that lifestyle.

    im moreso against the party patrol in the sense that VCU made an organization about it. I was at a party where the cops and ABC broke up. My thing is that VCU should waste their time on more important things, rather than something Richmond should be doing…

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