So, I managed to drop my powerbook the other day. Yeah….VERY SCARY. It was in my backpack, which then fell about 4 feet onto a hard floor (was in a restroom). I took it out of my backpack, and had been the front right corner to hell. I was pretty pissed. Then made sure that my blackberry and ipod were ok.

When I got home after work, I took it apart. Luckily the corner that hit was also where the battery is. So all I had to do is remove the battery and bend it back out. This is a before picture…

Then after pushing it against some tile here (only hard surface) and using some pliers…I was able to bendit back out some. I then took the batter apart, and bent that metal out some. While it isnt that pretty, here is the final pic…

Some of the metal was to bent out to fix. I just wanted to get it so it wouldnt bend any more. Its not pretty, but its better than it was. I am quite lucky it was nothing more that cosmetic 🙂 This machine is getting old now, i think close to 5 years!


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