iPod Video review…

Chris (http://www.compiledmonkey.com) just put up a really good review of his new iPod. I love mine, even though i really dont use it for videos! The one thing i do hate the most is the lag….but that is also because I keep mine on shuffle non stop.

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Christmas 2005 pics up!

I just posted the few pics i took over Christmas weekend and then a few i shot of our tree before we take it down. I hope everyone had a great Christmas!

Closed for Christmas

As everyone knows, Christmas fell on a Sunday this year.

Our church had a musical service. It was actually a bit longer than a normal service, and done very well. My brother did a solo on “O Holy Night”, and almost brought everyone to tears.

I did find one thing very interesting about Christmas this year….how many churches were CLOSED! Thats right! Many of them looked like they would any day of the week, not how they would even look on a normal sunday. And this isnt at an odd time either…this is right before 11 when mosts services start!!

I just find it very odd, and almost sad, that even the “church” doesnt really remember the “reason for the season”…

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Ok, on one of the most odd days weather related in a while (its Christmas Eve, and 60* outside), I added a new feature to the sidebar. Its called a blogbox, from www.blogbox.com. This was a really sharp one I found, as well as being open source.

Currently I set it to default to the weather from my ZIP code. You can test out yours by typing your zip code in the box on the top right and hitting go.

There are other box’s available at that site, including a photo one, music one, and link one.

Im still looking for other things to put over there! If you know anything good, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!

Merry Christmas

I just wanted to say merry Christmas to all my readers!

Going over to my parents in a few to help with some of the cooking. Debs and I may do our present opening tonight, since tomorrow is pretty filled up. Going to her moms for breakfast, then church, and then my moms for the rest of the day!

Pictures to come! We did a little decorating here, but I want to capture the whole time with family as well :). I also got my gradutation present all set up. Its an 800w panasonic DVD and system. Very nice, only quirk is not having Dolby ProLogic for the extra inputs. I upgraded the wire, which has a slightly noticable difference.

By the way…ive started messing some with Picasa. Its sweet! Not only does it integrate into blogger, the next version of Gallery (which is due early next year), will let me save my album directly from Picasa to my gallery!!!!

Lastly, development will pick back up possibly next week on my itunes plugin ive been working on. Will need some testing done, and then release it here! I may even start some today 🙂

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I just checking the NIN website for the first time in a while. They have an RSS feed for their news, which I read when something new comes along. Well, something totally got past me.


March 14th i think is the date, its a Tuesday night. No clue who is with them, and tickets dont go on sale until late Jan.. As long as they are way overpriced, we are going to be there. If anyone else is interested, please let me know and we can get a group there. This I am sure will be one of the best shows you have EVER seen!

Driver$ wanted

So, I was playing around with Digg Spy this morning. It lets you see what items are currently reciving hits and stuff on Digg. I cam across this cool post on the VWVortex forums, on the building of the Phaeton, VW’s super luxary full size car.

One, that photographer is awsome. Those pictures are beautiful. And just look at the design of the factory! While it seems to work just fine for you, you wonder how much work went into that design. Its almost like a perfect work process (at least in my view…may not actually be).

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