I have been sick since Wednesday. I think its been the cold. I cant breathe, I cant sleep, and I feel like crap. I have felt for about a day now that things were clearing out, but it still is taking to long!

Thanksgiving was nice. Had an early breakfast at moms, then a late lunch at the aunts in Chesterfield, and then dinner (which I only ate a piece of pie) at deb’s sister’s place. Friday I almost went out to do the crazy Black Friday sales, but to me, most of them sucked. I did go with mom later to pick up one piece for debs mom. I went with mom and barry to old navy as well, and ran into courtney. hung out with her as mom looked around. Debs has just got off, and courtney and her had already started planning. Courtney showed up here around 3, and then we grabbed a bite to eat. The three of us then went to SPTC. That was a trip, and a great laugh the whole time. It puts this huge smile in my face everytime debs is with courtney, just from the way debs lights up. Its just beautiful.

Saw jarhead last night, which was pretty good. then grabed a late diner around 1230, and then home to bed.

Today has been quite lazy. grocery shopping and wedding planning. Also the decision to get rid of the altima. yes. with the way its looking, debs is getting something new, and im taking the truck, since I dont drive as much. Yeah, it sucks to loose all that money, but its nicer not to keep loosing it. I love the car. Im not fully broke. But both of us are not excited about not enjoying our time or other purchases that could be made without the altima. oh well.

Im Listening to: ‘Vicinity of Obscenity’ by System of a Down from the album Hypnotize

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