Yay for richmond

Well, I got back ok wednesday. Flight seriously was only 35 minutes. I had just enough time to check some emails (downloaded them to the laptop before leaving charlotte) and read some notes from a meeting last week I was at in Tyson’s Corner, VA. Just after I started reading the notes we got the message that we were about to land!

Wednesday night when I got home, debs and I wanted to get a bite. Courtney met us shortly after at the Village Cafe. Katie and Andy both happened to be there, which was kinda interesting. An ex, Becca, also was there, but didnt talk to her.

Thursday was my last time I really think im going to mars bar. Just way to packed. Did run into old friends Scott and Drew, and talked to them for a while. We left kinda early (1:30 or so), which from what I heard the day after, we missed quite a show…

Last night was a yummy dinner at the Ritz. Thanks to the awsome courtney, I now know! I always thought it was a joke! Madrena made us some yummy dinner, and everybody brought some stuff. About 10 we went up to the Bubble Bar and Martini KItchen on Main. Not our kinda place, but did get a free martini, i think named a Blackjack. We tried to go to Bogarts, which was pretty packed. They wanted to charge us $5 to go to another part just to sit, so we walked back to 1411. Someone please remind me that I shouldnt be drinking beer! I got myself a nice bottle of Legend’s Brown Ale, that made me have the worst headache.

This morning I think we slept in till at least 1030. I was going to try to get to moms today to work some on the yard to make some cash, but didnt get around to it. I did though go with Debs to SPTC for lunch. We got to meet courtney’s dad, stepmom, sister, and her boyfriend. Pretty cool. Her sister is a twin, and wow…they look just alike (who would have thought!).

Tonight, who knows what will happen. Im waiting for debs to get home now. Prob. going down to Baja for some pool, then whatever happens, hapens. Tomorrow we have church, meeting for the wedding reception location, and then im going to try to get some programing done. Thanksgiving is this week, so finally a break. I do plan on trying out Black Friday again, anyone want to join in?

Im Listening to: ‘1stp Klosr (The Humble Brothers ft. Jonathan Davis)’ by Linkin Park from the album Reanimation

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