Some ebay stuff…

Well, if you havent already looked, i am listing some stuff on ebay right now. This includes my old/new ipod mini, a griffen itrip, and my sirius tuner. Just click the ebay link above to check em out! The ipod is actually brand new, replacing my old one.

Im about done in charlotte, its been nice here. The weather has been great. The hotel we have been in is awsome as well, and quite comfortable. Ive got some more updating to do today mostly, and finsihing up some loose ends. I catch a flight back up to Richmond tonight I think around 9:15. Hoping to be in richmond and ready to go out tonight before 11. Possibly stickey rice or something!

I do have to say, the view from where I am sitting is always awsome. I can see where the Carolina Panthers play, as well as their new basketball court. Im on the 55th floor, and then can pretty much see for miles and milles beyond. We are almost in the clouds!

Well, back to work. Please check out the auctions!

Im Listening to: Tthe quite annoying hum of a Sun v20z.


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