Live from Charlotte

I have made my second trip down to charlotte, nc.

My friend and coworker nate has been having some health issues, so at the last minute, they decided to send me rather than him for this trip. So within an hour and a half, i had to get up to date on what we were actually doing, pack, and then fly down here. The flight was VERY quick, we were only in the air for like 45 minutes.

So, long nights ahead. Unf. I wont be coding much for my project, but I sure dont care really. It will get done quite easily.

We have a pretty nice hotel actually. I think its called the Duntree. Its a small, quaint place, downtown. Everything else was booked up. After getting down here, we saw that there is a car show starting thrusday. But this hotel is pretty nice, I wish i had my camera. After I told tess some about it, of course she asked if it was haunted :).

On tess, could everyone keep her in your prayers, as well as her friend Katie. Her friends mom passed today, and not expected. I just found out this afternoon.

I wont be back in town until wednesday night. Im thinking we may go out that night, to be back in town. This weekend we are going to hopefully go in to the place we have decided on for the wedding reception, as well as go pick out tux’s.

Hopefully I can post more later!


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