It was awsome!

Friday night after work, we did a few things, then went out later on. Went down to Bottoms Billards. It was nice. The only thing is that the waitress didnt know much of what she was doing, and I think debs and I paid a lot more than we should have. I think the total bill there was almost 300, but they also wanted us to pay for pool (when the sign on the front door says spend $20 and pool is free). Courtney didnt get off until 12, so we actually stayed out a little late since both of us wanted to see her. After getting her, we went to Sin’e until they closed.

We tried to get up at 6, but that sure didnt happen. nate called at 8, and then we rushed to his house (we had planned to leave richmond arounnd 7). The trip up to FedEx field wasnt bad actually, there wasnt any traffic.

While up there, it was a blast. My theory was correct to. I was sure debs was going to be worried, but then once she got behind the wheel, she would be Miss speed racer. We first did the time trial in a Mazda 3. Both of us ended up getting within a second of the 23 second lap. The 3 was nice, and really peppy for a 4 cyl. We are planning on test driving one, because debs is looking for something easier on the gas than her truck.

next was the RX-8. The line wasnt that bad. After you waited in line, we sat in on a small class that showed you some very simple basics. Then you got a chance to drive one with a “pro” driver. Well, my guy didnt say anything the whole time, and just laid back. And, I have to say, the rx-8 is sluggish compared to my Altima. This is mainly since they dont have ANY low end power. Unf. I did not enjoy this lap at all, since it was quite awkward with that driver.

Next we did this odd course. You drove a new mx-5, but you had a bowl on the hood. You then had to keep the balls in the bowl, so it was speed vs. grace. I was doing ok, until the last turn, where i slightly moved and one fell out. Since it was all over, i slammed it around another turn, and let the rest fly out. After this, we all went to get a bite to eat at the slowest Taco Bell in the world.

The last ride was on a larger course with a mx-5, and getting to go all out. Debs drove first, and did AWSOME! I then did my first lap, not hitting any cones, and then finish. Time said it was 31, which was next to impossible. The clocks had messed up, and so therefore I got to go again. This time debs made a video, which I have already posted on the site. This had to be the best drive of the day, and some of the most fun i have ever had behind the wheel of a car!

Pics were posted in the gallery. Check them out!

Today was laid back, enjoying it with debs. We were kinda simple, mostly went shopping and then looking at a few wedding things. I also got my new 30GB black ipod! Its perfect! We may end up going out tonight, but debs still isnt feeling good.

Im Listening to: ‘Rock On’ by Smashing Pumpkins from the album Rarities and B-Sides

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