This is what its like

Wow, im sorry for not updating, but i dont have any freaking time anymore. Ive been going non stop at work with trying to get things done, and stuff like the wedding, school, and life have been taking over. And this weekend isnt going to be any different. Tonight I think were going to the 11411 for a friend Winter’s birthday. Debs and I are going with a group to DC to go to the Mazda ZoomZoom live event tomorrow. We will get to race some miatas! Of course im bringing the cam, and ill take pics. We were going to spend the night up there, but due to money, i think were just making this a day trip. I do have to say being so busy has been a blast. My friends are the best in the world.

Im back in a massive programing adventure for my last IS class. I decided to try something new, and try out And, even better, im jumping right in on 2.0. I can say it has been interesting. We have a slow server on a slow network connection at VCU. What I do find quite interesting is VCU’s new interest in not wanting students to learn. Yeah, i said it.

We wanted to do all new SQL Server 2005 and .net 2.0 stuff. We were told no on the server, due to regulations. It took a while to get use of .net 2.0 rather than the older stuff we had. I just feel it quite funny in this kind of environment were actually being held back! Maybe its because this is just a standard class, where in Imagine cup we were more of our own thing? I dunno. I can see if we were dong weird psychological experiments on homeless bumms or something, but not on using new technology.

So, first impressions of .net 2.0? Darn cool. Things are even easier now. Im able to do pretty cool things that I have been interested in with little to no effort. As far as asp is concerned, its a little different working with than what im used to in windows.forms, but thankfully my web development background helps as well. I feel like im getting to the point that I could replace this website fully in C# and asp. Unf. I use a webhost that I really like though, and its hosted on some Debian linux machines. I personally have been working a little bit with Mono (which lets you compile .net and run .net items on other OS’s). Dreamhost (as far as I know) doesnt support mono yet though.

If I dont post again before then, sunday marks an important day. It will be debs and my 6 year aniv. Yup, its been 6 YEARS! I love you so much babe!


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