I have been sick since Wednesday. I think its been the cold. I cant breathe, I cant sleep, and I feel like crap. I have felt for about a day now that things were clearing out, but it still is taking to long!

Thanksgiving was nice. Had an early breakfast at moms, then a late lunch at the aunts in Chesterfield, and then dinner (which I only ate a piece of pie) at deb’s sister’s place. Friday I almost went out to do the crazy Black Friday sales, but to me, most of them sucked. I did go with mom later to pick up one piece for debs mom. I went with mom and barry to old navy as well, and ran into courtney. hung out with her as mom looked around. Debs has just got off, and courtney and her had already started planning. Courtney showed up here around 3, and then we grabbed a bite to eat. The three of us then went to SPTC. That was a trip, and a great laugh the whole time. It puts this huge smile in my face everytime debs is with courtney, just from the way debs lights up. Its just beautiful.

Saw jarhead last night, which was pretty good. then grabed a late diner around 1230, and then home to bed.

Today has been quite lazy. grocery shopping and wedding planning. Also the decision to get rid of the altima. yes. with the way its looking, debs is getting something new, and im taking the truck, since I dont drive as much. Yeah, it sucks to loose all that money, but its nicer not to keep loosing it. I love the car. Im not fully broke. But both of us are not excited about not enjoying our time or other purchases that could be made without the altima. oh well.

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Yay for richmond

Well, I got back ok wednesday. Flight seriously was only 35 minutes. I had just enough time to check some emails (downloaded them to the laptop before leaving charlotte) and read some notes from a meeting last week I was at in Tyson’s Corner, VA. Just after I started reading the notes we got the message that we were about to land!

Wednesday night when I got home, debs and I wanted to get a bite. Courtney met us shortly after at the Village Cafe. Katie and Andy both happened to be there, which was kinda interesting. An ex, Becca, also was there, but didnt talk to her.

Thursday was my last time I really think im going to mars bar. Just way to packed. Did run into old friends Scott and Drew, and talked to them for a while. We left kinda early (1:30 or so), which from what I heard the day after, we missed quite a show…

Last night was a yummy dinner at the Ritz. Thanks to the awsome courtney, I now know! I always thought it was a joke! Madrena made us some yummy dinner, and everybody brought some stuff. About 10 we went up to the Bubble Bar and Martini KItchen on Main. Not our kinda place, but did get a free martini, i think named a Blackjack. We tried to go to Bogarts, which was pretty packed. They wanted to charge us $5 to go to another part just to sit, so we walked back to 1411. Someone please remind me that I shouldnt be drinking beer! I got myself a nice bottle of Legend’s Brown Ale, that made me have the worst headache.

This morning I think we slept in till at least 1030. I was going to try to get to moms today to work some on the yard to make some cash, but didnt get around to it. I did though go with Debs to SPTC for lunch. We got to meet courtney’s dad, stepmom, sister, and her boyfriend. Pretty cool. Her sister is a twin, and wow…they look just alike (who would have thought!).

Tonight, who knows what will happen. Im waiting for debs to get home now. Prob. going down to Baja for some pool, then whatever happens, hapens. Tomorrow we have church, meeting for the wedding reception location, and then im going to try to get some programing done. Thanksgiving is this week, so finally a break. I do plan on trying out Black Friday again, anyone want to join in?

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Some ebay stuff…

Well, if you havent already looked, i am listing some stuff on ebay right now. This includes my old/new ipod mini, a griffen itrip, and my sirius tuner. Just click the ebay link above to check em out! The ipod is actually brand new, replacing my old one.

Im about done in charlotte, its been nice here. The weather has been great. The hotel we have been in is awsome as well, and quite comfortable. Ive got some more updating to do today mostly, and finsihing up some loose ends. I catch a flight back up to Richmond tonight I think around 9:15. Hoping to be in richmond and ready to go out tonight before 11. Possibly stickey rice or something!

I do have to say, the view from where I am sitting is always awsome. I can see where the Carolina Panthers play, as well as their new basketball court. Im on the 55th floor, and then can pretty much see for miles and milles beyond. We are almost in the clouds!

Well, back to work. Please check out the auctions!

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Live from Charlotte

I have made my second trip down to charlotte, nc.

My friend and coworker nate has been having some health issues, so at the last minute, they decided to send me rather than him for this trip. So within an hour and a half, i had to get up to date on what we were actually doing, pack, and then fly down here. The flight was VERY quick, we were only in the air for like 45 minutes.

So, long nights ahead. Unf. I wont be coding much for my project, but I sure dont care really. It will get done quite easily.

We have a pretty nice hotel actually. I think its called the Duntree. Its a small, quaint place, downtown. Everything else was booked up. After getting down here, we saw that there is a car show starting thrusday. But this hotel is pretty nice, I wish i had my camera. After I told tess some about it, of course she asked if it was haunted :).

On tess, could everyone keep her in your prayers, as well as her friend Katie. Her friends mom passed today, and not expected. I just found out this afternoon.

I wont be back in town until wednesday night. Im thinking we may go out that night, to be back in town. This weekend we are going to hopefully go in to the place we have decided on for the wedding reception, as well as go pick out tux’s.

Hopefully I can post more later!


It was awsome!

Friday night after work, we did a few things, then went out later on. Went down to Bottoms Billards. It was nice. The only thing is that the waitress didnt know much of what she was doing, and I think debs and I paid a lot more than we should have. I think the total bill there was almost 300, but they also wanted us to pay for pool (when the sign on the front door says spend $20 and pool is free). Courtney didnt get off until 12, so we actually stayed out a little late since both of us wanted to see her. After getting her, we went to Sin’e until they closed.

We tried to get up at 6, but that sure didnt happen. nate called at 8, and then we rushed to his house (we had planned to leave richmond arounnd 7). The trip up to FedEx field wasnt bad actually, there wasnt any traffic.

While up there, it was a blast. My theory was correct to. I was sure debs was going to be worried, but then once she got behind the wheel, she would be Miss speed racer. We first did the time trial in a Mazda 3. Both of us ended up getting within a second of the 23 second lap. The 3 was nice, and really peppy for a 4 cyl. We are planning on test driving one, because debs is looking for something easier on the gas than her truck.

next was the RX-8. The line wasnt that bad. After you waited in line, we sat in on a small class that showed you some very simple basics. Then you got a chance to drive one with a “pro” driver. Well, my guy didnt say anything the whole time, and just laid back. And, I have to say, the rx-8 is sluggish compared to my Altima. This is mainly since they dont have ANY low end power. Unf. I did not enjoy this lap at all, since it was quite awkward with that driver.

Next we did this odd course. You drove a new mx-5, but you had a bowl on the hood. You then had to keep the balls in the bowl, so it was speed vs. grace. I was doing ok, until the last turn, where i slightly moved and one fell out. Since it was all over, i slammed it around another turn, and let the rest fly out. After this, we all went to get a bite to eat at the slowest Taco Bell in the world.

The last ride was on a larger course with a mx-5, and getting to go all out. Debs drove first, and did AWSOME! I then did my first lap, not hitting any cones, and then finish. Time said it was 31, which was next to impossible. The clocks had messed up, and so therefore I got to go again. This time debs made a video, which I have already posted on the site. This had to be the best drive of the day, and some of the most fun i have ever had behind the wheel of a car!

Pics were posted in the gallery. Check them out!

Today was laid back, enjoying it with debs. We were kinda simple, mostly went shopping and then looking at a few wedding things. I also got my new 30GB black ipod! Its perfect! We may end up going out tonight, but debs still isnt feeling good.

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This is what its like

Wow, im sorry for not updating, but i dont have any freaking time anymore. Ive been going non stop at work with trying to get things done, and stuff like the wedding, school, and life have been taking over. And this weekend isnt going to be any different. Tonight I think were going to the 11411 for a friend Winter’s birthday. Debs and I are going with a group to DC to go to the Mazda ZoomZoom live event tomorrow. We will get to race some miatas! Of course im bringing the cam, and ill take pics. We were going to spend the night up there, but due to money, i think were just making this a day trip. I do have to say being so busy has been a blast. My friends are the best in the world.

Im back in a massive programing adventure for my last IS class. I decided to try something new, and try out And, even better, im jumping right in on 2.0. I can say it has been interesting. We have a slow server on a slow network connection at VCU. What I do find quite interesting is VCU’s new interest in not wanting students to learn. Yeah, i said it.

We wanted to do all new SQL Server 2005 and .net 2.0 stuff. We were told no on the server, due to regulations. It took a while to get use of .net 2.0 rather than the older stuff we had. I just feel it quite funny in this kind of environment were actually being held back! Maybe its because this is just a standard class, where in Imagine cup we were more of our own thing? I dunno. I can see if we were dong weird psychological experiments on homeless bumms or something, but not on using new technology.

So, first impressions of .net 2.0? Darn cool. Things are even easier now. Im able to do pretty cool things that I have been interested in with little to no effort. As far as asp is concerned, its a little different working with than what im used to in windows.forms, but thankfully my web development background helps as well. I feel like im getting to the point that I could replace this website fully in C# and asp. Unf. I use a webhost that I really like though, and its hosted on some Debian linux machines. I personally have been working a little bit with Mono (which lets you compile .net and run .net items on other OS’s). Dreamhost (as far as I know) doesnt support mono yet though.

If I dont post again before then, sunday marks an important day. It will be debs and my 6 year aniv. Yup, its been 6 YEARS! I love you so much babe!

Visual Studio 2005

Well, I finally got it today! MSDN released it to developers last tuesday, and VCU finally got around to putting it up on MSDNAA today. I will be using this to continue on my work of my new project i am working on, as well as my project in Info Systems this semester. I saw part of it while I was out in seattle, espc. working with mobile devices.

So here goes to a working install on the first try! I started at 7:50, and ill post back here when done!

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