Foil Shizzle its Halloween!

Great week/weekend!

Its been the same ole, same ole. Classes part of the week, and of course work. Have been doing some more wedding planning as well, and things with that are coming along good. this morning Debs, her mom, and I actually went to The Place to check it out. Its very nice looking, and have outside areas which I like. Its also right behind the awsome Capital Ale House. Thing is, they are expensive. If we want a keg, its $250! Eh, it just the first in getting a place, but its coming together well.

Mike was back in town from iraq, so we saw him some. there was a party at my place last weekend, kinda for him. But after 12 beers and a shot of JD with me, he was upstairs most of the night ;-).

Tuesday went to a birthday get together for a gal Sarah. Well, we go downstairs to the game room at the downtown location, and guess who is sitting with Sarah! MEG! Yes, for those who have known me for a while, THAT MEG. Her and her older sister carrie were down there. Meg lost quite a bit of weight, so it took me a while to recognize her. She of course saw me. But, then it gets funny. She tried to hide her face behind her purse! She also kept looking over, but if i looked at them, she would turn away! So when I went upstairs to get a Stone IPA, they all left! I did get a GREAT laugh though!

I also have found myself spending quite a bit more time at 1411…which I really like. Debs and Courtney have been chilling a whole lot. I think having a couple friends down there helps debs move into her new store at Harrison and Grace. They have gone to see her a few times, and I know it really helps her day.

Thursday we all finally made it back to Mars Bar! We took like two weeks off due to crazy school stuff, people being sick/tired, amy’s sister, and people being out of town on break. It was great, other than one of my Long Islands that tasted like crap.

Friday helped nathan work on a 2002 GAGT. We kinda broke the light fixture, but oh well. They should make the instructions much better. Afterwards we went to a party downtown, but only stayed till about 12. Debs had to work early, so I wanted her to get home. The party was nice, but a bit crowded. Knew quite a few people there from high school.

Saturday was a blast though. We went to a dinner for Mike, which was interesting. But then debs and I were on the run to finish our costumes and get things together. We then went down to 1411 so I could get the wonderfull artist courtney to do my makeup and make me a shirt with a hotdog on it. And yes, im keeping the shirt!

The first party of the night was at Amy’s. Was quite nice, and dark. had a few Newcastles, as well as talk to a bunch of people. Mike came, as well as Steve, my older step bro. We left Amys at like 12 or 1, and then went out to the westend to Morgan’s brothers house. This party was nice, 3 PBR kegs out back! No one had a clue who I was though ( I went as Captian Spaulding from House of 1000 Corpses/Devils Rejects, both Rob Zombie movies ). We stayed there for quite a while, and then went downtown for food. But both 3rd and 4th st diners were packed! AT 3AM!

This week, the same in store. I dont know what im doing tonight, but game for just about anything. I know AD’s birthday is this wednesday, so I think we are doing something this weekend for him. I also think by the end of the week we will have a place for the reception done.


One thought on “Foil Shizzle its Halloween!

  1. blech…I have also been a victim of the disgusting Mars long island. as if we wouldn’t notice that it’s all mix and no liquor! jerks.

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