pretty crazy

Wow…this last week has been wild. I have spent most every night programing on this STUPID project. I love to program, but some class assignments are not fun. This one is nice with all the stuff I i got to learn, and to sit back and see that you wrote something. This class is to teach you the aspects of project management too.

Well, the professor for one has website. Like any professor, they keep their old stuff. So he has tons of code, GUI shots, and examples. thing is, not a darn one matches! I pitty da fool that copied his code. There is a main area with the requirements, but it doesnt match things that are on his site elsewhere. and im a programer, but this was a DARN huge program to do for a not programing class as well. And while I know its a sr. projects class…its still a class. I paid for this guy to teach me, not for me to be able to ask him questions. Luckily I have one last section of code to write tonight, and then im sending it in. I have some documentation to do as well, but most of that is either done, or can be generated with little work from me.

Fall break has started, but of course that doesnt matter with me working every day. And I have to work this saturday! Debs is supposed to go with Courtney to see Courtney’s sister tomorrow. Possible party at my place saturday, since my brother mike is back in town from Iraq.

I think for the next two days I may just sleep. Im soo tired, and I think i am getting somewhat sick.

New possible programs coming soon. I have been thinking a bit of a project I want to do including C# and iTunes!

Lastly, can everyone keep one of my friends, amy nixon, and her family in your thoughts and prayers? She lost her sister yestereday…who I only met a few times. Ive known amy since we were in elementry school, and our families have known each other for a while as well. She is also the one who had her birthday just last weekend, where I posted pics in the gallery.


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