Quick Post

I have been quite busy programing, so i have not been able to post that much recently.

This weekend was pretty cool actually. Friday night was Amy’s Birthday party. It was quite nice, seeing a few of my older friends from middle school, and debs seeing many of the people she went to hermiatage with. Around 12:45, the cops showed up though. They even sang happy birthday! In the meantime, everyone cleared out. The party resumed back at 1411 at Kats. A ton of people that no one knew came as well, and we promptly asked them to leave, and then had a blast. Pictures are available in my Gallery.

Debs and I slept in a little on Saturday morning, and then ran around town enjoying the great day. We went down to carytown as well as short pump town center. We got some great candy from the candy store down there, and i picked up amy’s birthday present. Also, my brother mike is back from iraq for a few weeks. So we had an early “thanksgiving” dinner with the whole family. Quite nice, and I ate way to much. For some reason I got sick and tired, so debs and I came home and passed out. I did a bit more programing, and when about to go to bed…I get a call. Everyone was going down to Baja.

Baja was quite fun, it was only a few of us. Well, when we are getting ready to go, a fight breaks out. Everyone was quite drunk ( I was not though, im laying off the beer, and just wanted to relax ). Well, this one guy pulled out some brass knuckles. The cops eventually showed up (you know, the great Richmond Police! Takes them forever to do anything downtown). We pointed out the guys that were walking away down main, and all they did was stop and talk to them, and let them go. Again, I LOVE how secure the richmond’s police keep us! After baja we went over to one of nates friends on Marshal, and chilled there for a while.

Today was pretty laid back. Went to see courtney this morning to get some very nice coffee. We then went to Church, and then went out to lunch. I made debs and I some very delicious Fetucine Alfredo with Seasoned Chicken. Ive been programing most of the night, and got quite a bit done. Had to do a little on call work as well. Most of the group went to Funny Bone tonight, but I personally wasnt ready to drop $50 on two tickets to someone I havent heard of before.

I am hoping this week is a little better than last. Program should be done tomorrow night. Then, not much going on in class this week, and we have thursday and friday off. Some friends are going out of town this weekend, but we may still be having a party here for my step-brother before he gos back (if not this weekend, its going to be the weekend after).


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