Honeymoon Locations?!?

Anyone and everyone that reads this, or just drops by, I need your help. Debs and I have picked a list of random cities and places in the world that we wouldnt “mind” going to. But with so many to choose from, its hard to even start to think about a place really to go. Some of the top picks right now are Chicago, Seattle, and L.A., and possibly Paris or Rome. But anything goes.

The city doesnt need to be all “romantic”, but would be nice to have some really cool things to do. For example, one would go to Seattle since you have Mt. St. Hellens, Pikes Market, and the Space Needle. One would go to LA since you have everything from movie stars, to tech-like stuff, to theme parks.

If you can, post a comment here to tell me where you would go, and why!!!


4 thoughts on “Honeymoon Locations?!?

  1. Dude, if you two go to a city in the US for your honeymoon I’ll kill you both. You’ll have the shortest marriage of anyone ever! Go down to some random ass island, sleep in the open air rooms, enjoy the 71 degree weather, and dip in crystal clear water.

  2. hey! this is heather skakandy! i got this on the facebook, i’m not a complete stalker… anyway.. don’t go to rome! you’ll be scared you’re going to get robbed the whole time, especially if you use the underground. i didn’t get robbed when i was there, but most of the people i know that went did.
    paris is pretty awesome!

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