Google Reader and other news

Google released a new web app today, Reader. Its an RSS reader that is linked with your gmail/google account. I played with it a little earlier on, to see how it looked and worked, and its very nice.

I have had the issue recently about reading my feeds between machines. For the most part, I just Remote Desktop into my home PC to read from Sharpreader. This can be slow, and somewhat annoying at times. While there are a few apps that will track what you have read and not read, I have not found a cross platform solution yet.

Something like this may be perfect. While there is no current way for it to alert you of new posts without going to the page, it will keep track of the posts I have read or not read yet. And then, since it is online, I can really check

For those that have not gotten into the whole blog world yet, this may be a great start!

This weekend should be nice. Last night we went to 80s night again at Mars Bar, and had quite a bit of fun. Today wasnt much except work. Tomorrow im sleeping in for sure though. Once Deborah gets off, were going over to courtney’s to help her fix her computer. Debs and I are going to go try to see the Corpse Bride tomorrow night, and then I dont know what we are doing.

And of course, more programing! The project got moved back by 5 days, but I still want to get it done as soon as possible.


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