Stupid Mistakes and Bug Fixes

Wow, I know I was getting a little rusty at programing, but I need to make sure I keep my eyes open. I spent about 30 minutes tonight wondering what the heck was up with my database conenction, when I realized that I had forgot to add quotes around items in my SQL statements! You know how annoying that is?!!

I did get quite a bit done tonight. I moved all my databases from mysql back into access. This was mainly because its going to take me more time to now set up an account on the professors mysql server, as well as change my connection strings. This whole process was actually quite easy using MySQL’s Query Browser.

I then got the whole database connection thing done, so I dont have to worry about that again. I can authenticate my users. I also got to work with reading in files from disk, which is something I had yet to do in C#. It was quite easy using the FileReader and then StreamReader.

I still have quite a bit to do, but this so far has been quite a bit of fun. I really cant wait to see the final project. I may also post this program eventually as a sample for others to check out, and I also would like to eventually make some write-ups on how to do things in C#.

But now it is time for something VERY important…REST!

[Listening to: Pts.Of.Athrty (Jay Gordon) – Linkin Park – Reanimation (3:45)]

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