SSH tunnel

Well, finally go that to work.

As I have mentioned before, when I upgraded to Tiger (10.4), I did not reinstall my VPN. While the PC users get to download the VPN client, Mac users have to get a CD to install the client. These CD’s are limited, and I have one, but haven’t taken the time to install it on here (and it never worked right).

Well, after a bit of complaining, they tried out another one. But the disadvantage is that it locked everything down except port 80, which is your web browsing. So this means you cant Remote Desktop, VNC, or get on AIM.

Then go back to a post I made recently, that I got my server up and running. I then set it up so I can ssh into it to do all my work. ssh also lets you make tunnels, so you can connect to other computers with a secure connection. Well, with that tunnel, you can also forward ports. After reading a bit online, I finally figured out how to get that tunnel to work, and RDC into my home machine.

The following instructions worked for me. If you need some help, feel free to contact me.

1) set up some type of ssh server – Some routers can be directly ssh’d into. If so, skip this. This was not my case. I instead opened the port on my router (22), and then have the router forwarding everything from port 22 from my router to 22 on my server.

2) set up the tunnel – You then use the following command to create the tunnel.

ssh -L 3389:yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy:3389

In most cases, this then will ask you your normal ssh login password. is the IP address of your router (or ssh server). Remember, my router is sending everything from port 22 straight to my Ubuntu server. yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy is the IP address of the internal Windows machine you want to connect to. In my case, it was a 192.168.zzz.zzz address.

3) Connect with RDC – Once connected, you have made a tunnel over ssh for port 3389, the standard RDC port. Now you can go to Remote Desktop Client, and then type ‘localhost:3389’ in the connect to dialog.

4) Your done!

Im Listening to: ‘Liki Cat’ by Jimmy Chamberlin Complex & Billy Corgan from the album Life Begins Again

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