New Server

I set up my server this weekend. Its an older Compaq box with 64MB of ram and a 600Mhz Celeron. Speed demon right there šŸ™‚

I through on a copy of Ubuntu, but I dont know how long that is going to last. Ubuntu is really nice, and simple to use, but its to much of a desktop linux. No root account set by default, gcc wasnt installed, nor snmp. I just did an apt-get on gcc, and im building net-snmp right now.

For the meantime, this server is going to be doing a few tasks. I would like to set it up to do nightly/weekly backups of our other machines here to either my website or to its HDD. Also set up mysql server on it, so i could one day do some more database programing. Lastly, I plan on using it to do some systems monitoring. Im thinking something along the lines of gathering snmp info from my desktop, laptop, and deb’s laptop, using MRTG to graph some of it, and then possibly post online. Yet another use is going to be a somewhat firewall/gateway to my main machine, so that it is out in the open for me to reach anywhere, but gives me access to my Windows PC as well. Lastly, it will be a partial staging server (and nightly mirror) of

I also am opening it up to yall. If anyone would like a shell account to do their own, legal, stuff, let me know.


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