Im going to get my education!

Well, I went and made a big step today, filled out my papers to graduate. Yup, its that time. Wow, im going to have a college education. First one in my family in quite a while. And im sure im the first one in my family in my field. All those parts are just coming together now to form one great life.

I am about to head out to party #1 of this weekend in a few. Its for my friends Chris and James birthdays. Looking at, there are supposed to be about 80 some people there!

I have some free time tomorrow morning, which im not to sure what Im going to do with just yet. I may do some C# to get ahead in projects, or do some work around here on the site, or in the appt.

Talking about the site…there is a major new part coming. Im going to be making a subdomain of this site, containing all the information about the wedding. More when I get that part done!

Party #2 is tomorrow night, the “One Last Drink” party for my friend Matt. He was with Chris on Imagine Cup, and he worked with Tess too. Hes moving to LA!

And wow, this song is beautiful. I liked the album version, but this live one has such an energy behind it…

I can still feel you, even so far away…

Im Listening to: ‘The Great Below’ by Nine Inch Nails from the album And All That Could Have Been

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