yet another week goes by

Wow, i didnt make a post for a full week. Yes, i am still here, just have been very busy.

Work is nice, of course. I am on call this week, but its not as bad as it could be. I have to check into some servers, mostly in the morning, but its not as bad as it may sound. Work just keeps moving right along. I am very happy with it. Of course, like any job, there are those days when you just dont want to be there, or wish you were doing something else, but come on, what job doesnt have that?

I am/have been doing a little bit of work on the side, at moms really, just trying to save some more. If anyone has some odd jobs or anything they want done, or need a hand doing, let me know. Im always up to getting an extra buck here or there.

Class is the same. Im doing some developement, but none that I actually enjoy. I think i may just hammer most of the stuff out asap, so I have more personal time when it comes to that. One major thing in the tech-world i need to do is update this site some more, and update Gallery. Hey, maybe even tonight 🙂

Went to a meeting (and somewhat just party) for the .net users group friday, and then down to 1411 Grove. Saturday wasnt much cept washing the truck and the car and doing lawn work at moms.

Sunday was shocking though. Halfway (well, could have been all the way) through the sermon, our pastor made quite an announcement, that he was leaving after 15 years. Yeah, quite a set back. He is a good friend, and actuall Masonic Brother to me. We are keeping in touch, and he will be doing our wedding.

The place has yet to be decided, but there is now a 99% chance that it will not happen at PABC. Heck, theres at least a 50% chance I wont be going back anyways. Its to much to talk about here, but with Dennis now gone which was one of the only things keeping me there, theres not much use. I think debs and I are going to try some of the larger baptist churches around town, or some of the more “classic” but not hardcore southern-baptist ones.

Im Listening to: ‘Take The Power Back’ by Rage Against The Machine from the album Rage Against The Machine

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