First ‘real’ taste of Visual Basic

One of my two classes this semester is Projects in Information Systems. As part of our second assignment, we had to write a little app in whatever language we choose. This app had to connect to a database and authenticate users, like they were logging into a system.

The teacher provided his work in I know C# pretty well (yes, we know that). I would have written this one in C#, but I didnt know how to interact with an Access Database (im sure its identical as it was in VB), and I dont have the time to set up an actual SQL server.

I hand wrote the code and removed the bugs and errors in the teachers code. He didnt really make it wrong on purpose, but the code he had would not compile. I feel sorry for those that had to spend 2 weeks figuring out why.

So whats up?

I dont like it, one bit. I know a bit of BASIC, OLD BASIC. VB doesnt even seem like a real BASIC language. And while it still has some things like C# and Java, its just not all there. It makes me wonder why people even use this language! The only use I could find is that with it being such a simple language, it would be great for JUST scripting, like AppleScript on the Mac. Of course, Windows doesnt have something that cool where you can script almost any ap. Thing is, most of VxNet was actually written in The UI and some logic was in C# (my stuff), most logic was actualy in VB.

Im Listening to: ‘Girl On Fire’ by Rob Zombie from the album Past, Present & Future

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