What freedom of speech?

We had a party last night, and part way though, a lot of people started having quite a political debate. I didnt really get involved, but listened to them for a while. No real problems, just a nice healthy debate.

Right after finishing a game of beer pong, we got to talking about Kanye West’s comments at the recent NBC event for the huricane. I had not heard anything about it until then. Debs actually just pulled up the video just now and I just saw it. Of course, someone says something against a president is considered unpatriotic and wrong!

I also never watched the VMA’s this year. Of course MTV already sucks enough @$$, but I was going to watch because NIN was going to play “The Hand That Feeds”. MTV turned them down because during the show, they were going to have a picture of Bush behind him durring the song (and im sure viewers could have taken that any way, postive or negative).

And not just TV…what about the grand Associated Press with the black’s looting while the whites were finding food?

So, where is all this free speech they talk about?

Its really starting to seem that most of the problems in the world today are started by CNN and NBC and the Geraldo Rivera’s rather than our goverments and our President Bush.

Im Listening to: ‘the best’ by And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead from the album Worlds Apart

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