Yay for us!

Well, a big thing happened yesterday.

I am engaged!

Yes, after finding the perfect girl a few years ago, and finding the best ring for her in the past month or so, I popped the question. We decided to celebrate her birthday yesterday (today is her birthday) since I have work and the classes tonight. I got her some bath bombs from this place called Soak that she likes, as well as some flowers. Ill take some pics of the ring eventually, but im sure that she will show anyone who asks (or heck, those that dont even ask!). Many people were asking me last night why im not spending the time with her. This was 1) she called just about every person in a 100 mile radius, and 2) I had a load of homework.

Is a date set yet? No. Though, we have been talking about doing it next spring into summer.

Other lesser things like the new iPods came out yesterday as well as the new iTunes 5. Outlook syncing is very nice. The new look is nice, especially in “Mini Player” mode. I also have yet to test the updates to the way it randomizes songs, but want to (since that was one of my major problems before).

Im Listening to: ‘The Wretched’ by Nine Inch Nails from the album Things Falling Apart

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