Wild weekend

Wow, things really picked up after I made a post about how fast the weekend was already going. Shortly after making that post, I got a call that everyone was going to Richbrau. Went down and had just a couple of beers (watching that money 🙂 ) and played some pool (im getting really good….its from how much I played in seattle and last semester in general). Since Nathan has been hanging out with my old friend Amy, it was cool to see her too. We eventually got kicked out of Richbrau around 1:45, and then told to get off the sidewalk shortly thereafter. I really like that place, but more and more, they are getting no fun.

Sunday was church, then going by moms for a while. We made her watch Family Guy and American Dad, which was quite an experiance. I then get a call to be at Sticky Rice (on Main about 10-15 from Harrison). It was trivia night. Clifton, Nate, John, John, Courney and Amy showed up. The music was so loud, so for me to talk to Debs or Amy (on either side of me), you had to yell in their ear, and to talk to someone across the table (like John, John, or Nate), forget about it. We didnt win. Afterwards though, they then have a “fear factor” like events. This one guy made wine from worms, while another drank it, and yet another had the rest and the crushed-but-not-liquid worms poured on him. Another girl had to put a squid down her pants. We left after the games ended, when it became pretty much like a mosh-pit in a such a small building. While outside, we were entertained by a guy riding on his bike EAST down Main (Main goes West in the fan). And, of course, he was soooo wasted. He almost hit a few cars, and almost got hit himself! Then a GrandAm went flying BACKWARDS down the street, hit a Jeep, and then flew off. What a night.

Monday we went to Southside for a birthday/labor day party. Stayed there for about 9 hours! Great times though. I took a few people out in the Altima too. It was nice to sit back and just chill out. Debs and I spent the last hour or so with me playing with her hair and her looking at the stars.

And of course, back to work today!

Im Listening to: ‘Flame On’ by Tony Iommi from the album Ozzfest 2001: Streetwise Summer Sampler

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