What weekend?

Wow…its already 10 on Saturday night. Where did time go? I got up this morning to the smell of a cup of coffee brought to me by the most beautiful woman in the world, while she was cooking some eggs downstairs. We chilled for a while, watched some TV and then talked to mom on the phone. She wanted Ryan to check out the GAGT, to see if he wanted it.

I went over there later in the day to try to wash it, but that didnt happen. Just got my check and gave him the title. Ill have my plates back this week, so I can turn them in for some money.

You may have noticed the new color. I dont know what made me decide to do it, but I was tired of such the light gray. I thought this darker color would fit all the content better, as well as make it a little easier on the eyes (the page actually looked kinda bad on Macs). Im about to throw up some pictures on the gallery, and maybe open up that tonight. I wanted to get a few more pics of the new car up, but Debs took it today! You should have seen the smile on her face! Thats the good stuff 🙂

Im Listening to: ‘royally f*cked’ by mindless self indulgence from the album frankenstein girls will seem strangely sexy

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