In Class..

Yeah, im sitting in class learning about some VB. Its halfway interesting, caus I really dont know, but then again, whats the use. C# always seemed a bit more powerfull to me anyways. THe only cool thing I do like is that we are connecting to Access databases, which I have never done (again, would rather throw up a MS SQL or at least a MySQL DB instead).

I was reading quite a bit online earlier from a cool link that Tess’s Blog. The guy is blogging, and a whole heck of a lot too, live from New Orleans. By the sounds, they are a Datacenter, and also near Im going to subscribe to his feed when I get home. I remember durring Isabelle I kinda did the same thing, while I had power or an internet connection.

Also, and im sure some of yall had heard, I have a new car. Its a 2006 Nissan Altima SE-R. 260 HP, tons of options, and one hell of a payment. And its only a lease. I wouldnt have done it again if I could, but im stuck with it for a while. Its a long story, and I would rather not talk about it. But I really love the car, and look forward to it for a while. While I can afford it, saving as much as I really wanted may be kinda hard. And yes, pictures soon! I think they will be put up when my gallery goes live…which I may be able to do this weekend.

If anyone has some spare jobs I can do on the weekends, let me know. I wouldnt mind picking up a really lax working job (not that I wouldnt do work, but somewhere where I wasnt mission critical and could do the work on my own time). I may just do some side work doing lawn or other stuff. If you, or someone you know needs a little work done, please feel free to contact me.

Lastly, VCU’s wireless still isnt locked down, or really making any sense. I still havent loaded the VPN software, but I am using that “just web surfing” one. Thing is, you can ssh all day long. Not that it matters much, since im sure most people here either fear that really geeky nerd text based stuff. Hell, Ive read tech blogs where they shy away from it.


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