SSH tunnel

Well, finally go that to work.

As I have mentioned before, when I upgraded to Tiger (10.4), I did not reinstall my VPN. While the PC users get to download the VPN client, Mac users have to get a CD to install the client. These CD’s are limited, and I have one, but haven’t taken the time to install it on here (and it never worked right).

Well, after a bit of complaining, they tried out another one. But the disadvantage is that it locked everything down except port 80, which is your web browsing. So this means you cant Remote Desktop, VNC, or get on AIM.

Then go back to a post I made recently, that I got my server up and running. I then set it up so I can ssh into it to do all my work. ssh also lets you make tunnels, so you can connect to other computers with a secure connection. Well, with that tunnel, you can also forward ports. After reading a bit online, I finally figured out how to get that tunnel to work, and RDC into my home machine.

The following instructions worked for me. If you need some help, feel free to contact me.

1) set up some type of ssh server – Some routers can be directly ssh’d into. If so, skip this. This was not my case. I instead opened the port on my router (22), and then have the router forwarding everything from port 22 from my router to 22 on my server.

2) set up the tunnel – You then use the following command to create the tunnel.

ssh -L 3389:yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy:3389

In most cases, this then will ask you your normal ssh login password. is the IP address of your router (or ssh server). Remember, my router is sending everything from port 22 straight to my Ubuntu server. yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy is the IP address of the internal Windows machine you want to connect to. In my case, it was a 192.168.zzz.zzz address.

3) Connect with RDC – Once connected, you have made a tunnel over ssh for port 3389, the standard RDC port. Now you can go to Remote Desktop Client, and then type ‘localhost:3389’ in the connect to dialog.

4) Your done!

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New Server

I set up my server this weekend. Its an older Compaq box with 64MB of ram and a 600Mhz Celeron. Speed demon right there 🙂

I through on a copy of Ubuntu, but I dont know how long that is going to last. Ubuntu is really nice, and simple to use, but its to much of a desktop linux. No root account set by default, gcc wasnt installed, nor snmp. I just did an apt-get on gcc, and im building net-snmp right now.

For the meantime, this server is going to be doing a few tasks. I would like to set it up to do nightly/weekly backups of our other machines here to either my website or to its HDD. Also set up mysql server on it, so i could one day do some more database programing. Lastly, I plan on using it to do some systems monitoring. Im thinking something along the lines of gathering snmp info from my desktop, laptop, and deb’s laptop, using MRTG to graph some of it, and then possibly post online. Yet another use is going to be a somewhat firewall/gateway to my main machine, so that it is out in the open for me to reach anywhere, but gives me access to my Windows PC as well. Lastly, it will be a partial staging server (and nightly mirror) of

I also am opening it up to yall. If anyone would like a shell account to do their own, legal, stuff, let me know.

Im going to get my education!

Well, I went and made a big step today, filled out my papers to graduate. Yup, its that time. Wow, im going to have a college education. First one in my family in quite a while. And im sure im the first one in my family in my field. All those parts are just coming together now to form one great life.

I am about to head out to party #1 of this weekend in a few. Its for my friends Chris and James birthdays. Looking at, there are supposed to be about 80 some people there!

I have some free time tomorrow morning, which im not to sure what Im going to do with just yet. I may do some C# to get ahead in projects, or do some work around here on the site, or in the appt.

Talking about the site…there is a major new part coming. Im going to be making a subdomain of this site, containing all the information about the wedding. More when I get that part done!

Party #2 is tomorrow night, the “One Last Drink” party for my friend Matt. He was with Chris on Imagine Cup, and he worked with Tess too. Hes moving to LA!

And wow, this song is beautiful. I liked the album version, but this live one has such an energy behind it…

I can still feel you, even so far away…

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Rid of sirius

Even though I do like the service, decided to drop it to save a few bucks. One thing I did find odd is that they did VERY little to try to entice me to stay. Most places you call to cancel something like that, and they will cut you a deal to stay with them. I was not asked even once, even telling them that the only reason I was getting out was that I didnt want to pay anymore.

ps – just put a few more headers up.

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yet another week goes by

Wow, i didnt make a post for a full week. Yes, i am still here, just have been very busy.

Work is nice, of course. I am on call this week, but its not as bad as it could be. I have to check into some servers, mostly in the morning, but its not as bad as it may sound. Work just keeps moving right along. I am very happy with it. Of course, like any job, there are those days when you just dont want to be there, or wish you were doing something else, but come on, what job doesnt have that?

I am/have been doing a little bit of work on the side, at moms really, just trying to save some more. If anyone has some odd jobs or anything they want done, or need a hand doing, let me know. Im always up to getting an extra buck here or there.

Class is the same. Im doing some developement, but none that I actually enjoy. I think i may just hammer most of the stuff out asap, so I have more personal time when it comes to that. One major thing in the tech-world i need to do is update this site some more, and update Gallery. Hey, maybe even tonight 🙂

Went to a meeting (and somewhat just party) for the .net users group friday, and then down to 1411 Grove. Saturday wasnt much cept washing the truck and the car and doing lawn work at moms.

Sunday was shocking though. Halfway (well, could have been all the way) through the sermon, our pastor made quite an announcement, that he was leaving after 15 years. Yeah, quite a set back. He is a good friend, and actuall Masonic Brother to me. We are keeping in touch, and he will be doing our wedding.

The place has yet to be decided, but there is now a 99% chance that it will not happen at PABC. Heck, theres at least a 50% chance I wont be going back anyways. Its to much to talk about here, but with Dennis now gone which was one of the only things keeping me there, theres not much use. I think debs and I are going to try some of the larger baptist churches around town, or some of the more “classic” but not hardcore southern-baptist ones.

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First ‘real’ taste of Visual Basic

One of my two classes this semester is Projects in Information Systems. As part of our second assignment, we had to write a little app in whatever language we choose. This app had to connect to a database and authenticate users, like they were logging into a system.

The teacher provided his work in I know C# pretty well (yes, we know that). I would have written this one in C#, but I didnt know how to interact with an Access Database (im sure its identical as it was in VB), and I dont have the time to set up an actual SQL server.

I hand wrote the code and removed the bugs and errors in the teachers code. He didnt really make it wrong on purpose, but the code he had would not compile. I feel sorry for those that had to spend 2 weeks figuring out why.

So whats up?

I dont like it, one bit. I know a bit of BASIC, OLD BASIC. VB doesnt even seem like a real BASIC language. And while it still has some things like C# and Java, its just not all there. It makes me wonder why people even use this language! The only use I could find is that with it being such a simple language, it would be great for JUST scripting, like AppleScript on the Mac. Of course, Windows doesnt have something that cool where you can script almost any ap. Thing is, most of VxNet was actually written in The UI and some logic was in C# (my stuff), most logic was actualy in VB.

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