Finishing Up

Wow…for actually getting up late and not working to hard on a Saturday Morning, I got quite a bit done. I finally have all (well, just about) of my CDs ripped to my computer now, so I have quite a bit more music to fill my iPod with.

I also spent last night doing more work to the site. If you can tell, i changed the buttons at the top yet again. They were hard to read for me. I still dont like the way it looks, just because I cant find a good spacing for all of them. I like how they kinda float, but I have been thinking of making more solid looking buttons with outlines and all.

I also did more work to the gallery2 install I am about ready to show. I finished updating the CSS file on the theme I chose, and then some XHTML work to get a logo up there. Now just to add photos!

Lastly, I listed a few things on ebay. PLEASE BUY! Im trying to clean out the place, and get a few bucks. Most of this stuff I wish I could do something with, but I just dont have the time or the drive for those projects. The other things are just sitting around and collecting dust. You just know you want something!


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