Coming to you live from…

…the commons at VCU.

Yup, back in school, and man am i excited.

No really, I am. This marks the begining of the end, I only have two classes this semester, and I got my college education that is supposed to help me soooo much. Well, it has, and I liked it. But i am sure glad it is done. Luckilly this semester I am not having to run that rat race of trying to find a real job that lets me do something in my field, I have it already, and I love it. I have a class MWF mornings, and then one Thursday night. I go to work after this, with always something interesting on my plate. I do have some of my friends in my classes as well, which is quite nice.

In other news, the GAGT doesnt have any front speakers. I think they are both blown, or have some flood damage. Even though I am getting rid of the car this winter, I think i may just get a really cheap set up front so I dont go crazy. I always thought the sound in there really sucked, I just never really thought BOTH of my front speakers were blown.

This weekend, I have no clue whats going on. Deborah works late tonight and early tomorrow, so at least we can go out on Saturday night. Tonight I may just do a bit more listing on ebay and even do some homework (gasp).

And in closing, guess what! THE WIRELESS STILL IS CRAPPY HERE! Since I installed Tiger on my Powerbook, I havent tested or reinstalled the crappy software they gave us (that you have to buy now). Most computers now come with a built in VPN client, but VCU wanted to be all special and buy some software VPN with a special client. They do have this web-only login, where I can enter my user/pass and just surf the web, but they havent opened it up to other services like AIM or FTP. And of course you go to the help desk, and their like “Uh yeah, um, is your mouse plugged in, yeah, thats why your VPN isnt working. Once you plug in your mouse, you need to go to My Computer…oh you have a Mac, we dont know anything bout those things”. Im also sitting almost right UNDER the darn WAP and still my signal goes ALL OVER THE FREAKIN place.


One thought on “Coming to you live from…

  1. Don’t get me started on VCU’s ridiculous wireless. I had some problems with it as well, my senior year. They tell you to go to like the third floor of the library to test it out…and it’s all over the place, yep. Ugh.

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