Podcasting going down…

I dont know what it is, but really ever since iTunes 4.9, I have really started to dislike podcasts. I thought it was going to be the best thing ever for it, and it really was. But me personally, I just dont like them as much anymore.

Its a new technology, not even a year old. But ever since this mass use of it, the actual people podcasting just dont seem to have that ooomph they used to. Topics are bland, if there is even one. I really liked some of the developer ones, but some dont even talk about developing anymore! Some of the geek ones I listen to, they dont want to be “too geeky” because then people wont listen to them.

It may be when I listen to these things now to. I fill my iPod up each morning and listen to it throughout the day. Then ill take it to the gym with some fast paced stuff to get me going. I think I would enjoy it more when driving, but still want some music.

There are things that I do still like about it. I would love to have a REAL newscast from Richmond do one. I like the Digital Photography one I listen to. Solid topics. If your going to talk about .NET, please talk about it, not about how your favorite sports team lost.

If anyone has some good podcasts that they really do enjoy, please let me know, im very interested in trying some others out before I totally drop this great idea.

Im Listening to: ‘Rotten Apples’ by Smashing Pumpkins from the album Tonight, Tonight

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