is going to come down

Yes, it is true people.

But hopefully for only a week.

This past week, I went and installed RC1 of the new gallery 2. This took me most of Monday night, not caus it was hard, but because how many things are not available or locked down on my current host.

Tuesday it was gone.

My IP had changed. They had moved my server. I had been given no warning (other than a note on their annoucements page just saying they were moving stuff? No whos stuff, or when, but just moving), and spent that night working on stuff that is pretty much gone now. And my IP keeps on changing. So from one place I can get to my site fine, from others, its an older backed up copy. Right now, it works. Last night, it didnt.

With lack of support for over 2 years, im leaving this place. Yeah, I have support, but I havent gotten any response about this move, or notification yet. I lost several important emails and droped others related to this coming semester at school.

Yah, I could just shut up, wait for the DNS to change, and then upload to the new server. But im tired of this place. That and my hosting ends in september anyways. I have found a new host, I just have to cough up the $100 or so its going to cost me.

What will change? Nothing that I know right now. Ill have shell access again, so that would be nice. Im thinking the server also will speed up quite a bit. Ill have about 2.5 times the space as well, so look for more photos and some other stuff I hope.

Thanks for listening.

PS – due to this crazy stuff, I will not be posting any more until I move. Im going to do some updates here (on the actual site, on my computer), and hopefully a “fresh” will grace you in about 2 weeks (oh my, that is a long time…)


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