Party Time…

Wow, that was awsome.

We had our party the other night here, and man it was awsome. I had a blast, Debs did as well, and I hope all others did. And I thank all of you for comming out and sharing in the good times.

We started around 8, most people showing up later than 9. Was playing some music through an Airport Express that I borrowed from work. We had the powerbook upstairs, playing music through the airport. I didnt feel like messing with stuff, so I made another network rather than getting it to attach to mine, where then I have about 10GB of music. After using this thing though, I really want one. May get one when we get the entertainment system down there, so we can play music through the network like that again.

We had quite a few people here. I really wish I had taken pics. We still had some people like Kat and friends show up around like 2. Most everyone left at 3, and we went right to bed afterwards. Place wasnt trashed either, and all the trash was up, caus everyone was so excited about our compactor. Man, the coolest sound is pouring a ton of beer bottles in there, and waiting for them to explode!

Slept in today, and then watched a movie with Debs. I got sick unf. though, i think from something I ate, and not the alcohol. And I really REALLY hate getting sick. Oh well, to late now. Im feeling better now, just wanna know what happened. Ive laid around most of the day.

This week I hope goes by fast. Next weeked I am going to be back up in NoVA, this time for a Motley Crue concert. I cant wait, I hope this show rocks. Prob. going by IKEA again as well, to see if we can pick anything else up.

Im Listening to: ‘Tales Of A Scorched Earth’ by Smashing Pumpkins from the album Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness – Twilight To Starlight

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