Well, mom complained last night that I haven’t been updating, and shes right…ive been busy. We were out of town for part of the weekend, and then I just went back to work to get this week going.

Saturday we went to NoVA for my friend Erik’s wedding. We used to hang out all the time back in high school. He went off to CMU, and also joined the air force. So now hes going from base to base to do his service. The wedding was awsome. Very beautiful church. The reception had an open bar, and then also a huge dinner. Very yummy. I did make the decision that red wine, dry red wine, is NOT my thing. And people say beer is bitter….

Sunday we went to church, for a bit, and then to a car show at the showplace. Tony (samantha’s boyfriend) was showing his Focus off, and they had some other nice cars there. They had ONE tC, which I took a few shots of. Other than those two, the show was kinda a dud. But still nice to see Sam and Tony, and just to get outa the house with debs. We then had a cookout at my Aunt Joyce’s which was ok, free food.

And then its back to work. This week is already going by fast. After work monday, we went down to Courtney’s place to help her move, but the people had not even painted in there yet! So we all ended up going to BW3’s and then to Baja. Good times. Yesterday I went down there again, and was a little bit late, but helped set up some stuff, and then came back here.

This weekend has much in store. First, theres a party here Friday, starting at 8PM. All are invited. Im me (godofthunder347) if I have not talked to you yet, and I can give directions and what not. Its going to BYOB as well. This is that “housewarming” party I have been talking about for months!

Again, I do hope to have some pictures up soon, I want to get that going. I just put the ones from this weekend on my computer, and would like to get them up soon!

Have a good one!

Im Listening to: ‘Outsider (Apocalypse Remix)’ by A Perfect Circle from the album Amotion

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