Finishing Up

Wow…for actually getting up late and not working to hard on a Saturday Morning, I got quite a bit done. I finally have all (well, just about) of my CDs ripped to my computer now, so I have quite a bit more music to fill my iPod with.

I also spent last night doing more work to the site. If you can tell, i changed the buttons at the top yet again. They were hard to read for me. I still dont like the way it looks, just because I cant find a good spacing for all of them. I like how they kinda float, but I have been thinking of making more solid looking buttons with outlines and all.

I also did more work to the gallery2 install I am about ready to show. I finished updating the CSS file on the theme I chose, and then some XHTML work to get a logo up there. Now just to add photos!

Lastly, I listed a few things on ebay. PLEASE BUY! Im trying to clean out the place, and get a few bucks. Most of this stuff I wish I could do something with, but I just dont have the time or the drive for those projects. The other things are just sitting around and collecting dust. You just know you want something!


Coming to you live from…

…the commons at VCU.

Yup, back in school, and man am i excited.

No really, I am. This marks the begining of the end, I only have two classes this semester, and I got my college education that is supposed to help me soooo much. Well, it has, and I liked it. But i am sure glad it is done. Luckilly this semester I am not having to run that rat race of trying to find a real job that lets me do something in my field, I have it already, and I love it. I have a class MWF mornings, and then one Thursday night. I go to work after this, with always something interesting on my plate. I do have some of my friends in my classes as well, which is quite nice.

In other news, the GAGT doesnt have any front speakers. I think they are both blown, or have some flood damage. Even though I am getting rid of the car this winter, I think i may just get a really cheap set up front so I dont go crazy. I always thought the sound in there really sucked, I just never really thought BOTH of my front speakers were blown.

This weekend, I have no clue whats going on. Deborah works late tonight and early tomorrow, so at least we can go out on Saturday night. Tonight I may just do a bit more listing on ebay and even do some homework (gasp).

And in closing, guess what! THE WIRELESS STILL IS CRAPPY HERE! Since I installed Tiger on my Powerbook, I havent tested or reinstalled the crappy software they gave us (that you have to buy now). Most computers now come with a built in VPN client, but VCU wanted to be all special and buy some software VPN with a special client. They do have this web-only login, where I can enter my user/pass and just surf the web, but they havent opened it up to other services like AIM or FTP. And of course you go to the help desk, and their like “Uh yeah, um, is your mouse plugged in, yeah, thats why your VPN isnt working. Once you plug in your mouse, you need to go to My Computer…oh you have a Mac, we dont know anything bout those things”. Im also sitting almost right UNDER the darn WAP and still my signal goes ALL OVER THE FREAKIN place.

Podcasting going down…

I dont know what it is, but really ever since iTunes 4.9, I have really started to dislike podcasts. I thought it was going to be the best thing ever for it, and it really was. But me personally, I just dont like them as much anymore.

Its a new technology, not even a year old. But ever since this mass use of it, the actual people podcasting just dont seem to have that ooomph they used to. Topics are bland, if there is even one. I really liked some of the developer ones, but some dont even talk about developing anymore! Some of the geek ones I listen to, they dont want to be “too geeky” because then people wont listen to them.

It may be when I listen to these things now to. I fill my iPod up each morning and listen to it throughout the day. Then ill take it to the gym with some fast paced stuff to get me going. I think I would enjoy it more when driving, but still want some music.

There are things that I do still like about it. I would love to have a REAL newscast from Richmond do one. I like the Digital Photography one I listen to. Solid topics. If your going to talk about .NET, please talk about it, not about how your favorite sports team lost.

If anyone has some good podcasts that they really do enjoy, please let me know, im very interested in trying some others out before I totally drop this great idea.

Im Listening to: ‘Rotten Apples’ by Smashing Pumpkins from the album Tonight, Tonight

crazy-train is back up

The site is back yall.

The DNS switch was fast, but Dreamhost took an extra day to really pick up what was going on. Once the message came up last night/early this morning, it was all done. So I uploaded the site back up to this new server. CAN WE SAY FAST? We lost about 20ms off our ping time too.

Accounts are back up. And now I can give people accounts as well. If someone wants some shell access or mail accounts, email me and I can see what I can do.

Currently I am doing a clean install of gallery2!

Im Listening to: ‘B.Y.O.B. (Explicit Album Version)’ by System Of A Down from the album Mezmerize is going to come down

Yes, it is true people.

But hopefully for only a week.

This past week, I went and installed RC1 of the new gallery 2. This took me most of Monday night, not caus it was hard, but because how many things are not available or locked down on my current host.

Tuesday it was gone.

My IP had changed. They had moved my server. I had been given no warning (other than a note on their annoucements page just saying they were moving stuff? No whos stuff, or when, but just moving), and spent that night working on stuff that is pretty much gone now. And my IP keeps on changing. So from one place I can get to my site fine, from others, its an older backed up copy. Right now, it works. Last night, it didnt.

With lack of support for over 2 years, im leaving this place. Yeah, I have support, but I havent gotten any response about this move, or notification yet. I lost several important emails and droped others related to this coming semester at school.

Yah, I could just shut up, wait for the DNS to change, and then upload to the new server. But im tired of this place. That and my hosting ends in september anyways. I have found a new host, I just have to cough up the $100 or so its going to cost me.

What will change? Nothing that I know right now. Ill have shell access again, so that would be nice. Im thinking the server also will speed up quite a bit. Ill have about 2.5 times the space as well, so look for more photos and some other stuff I hope.

Thanks for listening.

PS – due to this crazy stuff, I will not be posting any more until I move. Im going to do some updates here (on the actual site, on my computer), and hopefully a “fresh” will grace you in about 2 weeks (oh my, that is a long time…)

Party Time…

Wow, that was awsome.

We had our party the other night here, and man it was awsome. I had a blast, Debs did as well, and I hope all others did. And I thank all of you for comming out and sharing in the good times.

We started around 8, most people showing up later than 9. Was playing some music through an Airport Express that I borrowed from work. We had the powerbook upstairs, playing music through the airport. I didnt feel like messing with stuff, so I made another network rather than getting it to attach to mine, where then I have about 10GB of music. After using this thing though, I really want one. May get one when we get the entertainment system down there, so we can play music through the network like that again.

We had quite a few people here. I really wish I had taken pics. We still had some people like Kat and friends show up around like 2. Most everyone left at 3, and we went right to bed afterwards. Place wasnt trashed either, and all the trash was up, caus everyone was so excited about our compactor. Man, the coolest sound is pouring a ton of beer bottles in there, and waiting for them to explode!

Slept in today, and then watched a movie with Debs. I got sick unf. though, i think from something I ate, and not the alcohol. And I really REALLY hate getting sick. Oh well, to late now. Im feeling better now, just wanna know what happened. Ive laid around most of the day.

This week I hope goes by fast. Next weeked I am going to be back up in NoVA, this time for a Motley Crue concert. I cant wait, I hope this show rocks. Prob. going by IKEA again as well, to see if we can pick anything else up.

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Well, mom complained last night that I haven’t been updating, and shes right…ive been busy. We were out of town for part of the weekend, and then I just went back to work to get this week going.

Saturday we went to NoVA for my friend Erik’s wedding. We used to hang out all the time back in high school. He went off to CMU, and also joined the air force. So now hes going from base to base to do his service. The wedding was awsome. Very beautiful church. The reception had an open bar, and then also a huge dinner. Very yummy. I did make the decision that red wine, dry red wine, is NOT my thing. And people say beer is bitter….

Sunday we went to church, for a bit, and then to a car show at the showplace. Tony (samantha’s boyfriend) was showing his Focus off, and they had some other nice cars there. They had ONE tC, which I took a few shots of. Other than those two, the show was kinda a dud. But still nice to see Sam and Tony, and just to get outa the house with debs. We then had a cookout at my Aunt Joyce’s which was ok, free food.

And then its back to work. This week is already going by fast. After work monday, we went down to Courtney’s place to help her move, but the people had not even painted in there yet! So we all ended up going to BW3’s and then to Baja. Good times. Yesterday I went down there again, and was a little bit late, but helped set up some stuff, and then came back here.

This weekend has much in store. First, theres a party here Friday, starting at 8PM. All are invited. Im me (godofthunder347) if I have not talked to you yet, and I can give directions and what not. Its going to BYOB as well. This is that “housewarming” party I have been talking about for months!

Again, I do hope to have some pictures up soon, I want to get that going. I just put the ones from this weekend on my computer, and would like to get them up soon!

Have a good one!

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