Relaxing Weekend

Ahh, yes, another laid back weekend. Im really enjoying these now. The only thing that I dont like is that Deborah works saturdays, so its not like we could go out of town for a weekend or anything. I did the usual, looked around online, painted, cleaned, slept, etc.

Ive almost finished my first painting project. It was an old bookshelf that one of Debs brothers made in high school. I painted it a nice black. I just have to do a little touch up work, later this week, and then ill bring it back in. Then this office will be done, and we can start in the living room…again. We were looking at TV’s again this weekend, im going to start reading some reviews. Then just wait for that tv to go on sale.

Henrico Co. is selling 1000 of the iBooks off in a few weeks, you bet ill be there. I know debs REALLY wants one, id like to have one to toy around with really. Only $50 too :).

I also spent most of the weekend researching cars. I think im getting on deborahs nerves talking about them so much, but im getting really excited of having my first “real” car. Is it my dream car? Heck no. But it sure is nice. Ive been mostly looking in the ~$20k range, and mostly sport compact cars. In the end, right now, it looks 95% im going with the Toyota sub-brand Scion, and the tC. You have a base price ($17k for an auto). Then you choose your addons. Ive been looking at more of the performance and suspension stuff. I like this because 1) most of the parts are TRD stuff, so really nice, and 2) its all covered under warranty. Ive been looking at the TRD exhaust, as well as the TRD springs and Strut kit, and then for looks the lip spoiler. Over all, reall nice, and quick, car for under 20k. There has been rumors for a year or so about the Supercharger kit for them, from TRD as well. But emmisions problems in CA have been holding it out. Now some of what I have heard says that it can come out in the next few weeks, and the date Sept. 12th was thrown out as well. Yeah, it will be a bit of an addon…but it can be financed with the car as well, and you guessed it, covered under warranty as well!

This week should be nice. Its supposed to be hot (around 100) all week. Im glad I work inside. This weekend we are going up to DC for my good friend Erik’s wedding. Shoot…i still need to get them something!

Im Listening to: ‘Over’ by A Perfect Circle from the album Mer de Noms

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