4 killed at Fort AP Hill

I went to the Jamboree in 1997, with troop 1526, which was made of troops from the richmond area. I had a blast of a time, doing tons of things, that I really havent ever been able to do again. I was there when that guy also flipped the Humvee and died that was delivering the ice. I do have pictures (I was also REALLY skinny back then…want to get back). Ill have to put em up sometime.

To my astonisment, I saw this morning on some feeds, and then just now on the news that 4 adults were killed setting up a tent already. Oh my. That has to suck. Some kid(s) lost a dad, a troop lost an adult leader, and the whole place was prob. going wild. I remember having SOOOO many people up there, so its not like what you do is in the background either, this would have been in plain sight.

Also, oddly enough, not to my astonishment, the jambo will no longer be held there. Why? Because of my ABSOLUTE MOST FAVORITE group, the ACLU, said since the scouts dont allow atheists and dont accept gay leaders, its not fair. And that tax money goes and supports that stuff. Blah Blah. Yeah, I know there are some non-conservitives that read this page, and heck, i myself am becoming more and more liberal actually, not staying so super-conservitve, but come on. In the good ole’ days, people didnt care about all this stuff. The only reason they care now is caus they are getting paid off big bucks by someone to say so.

I went to a scout meeting tongiht. One boy, other than a youth leader showed up. When I was in there, we had 20 boys a night at least. What needs to be done? I really dont know. These good ole things just dont really hold an interest in todays youngsters. Its a darn shame to see the troop like that, but what can you do. I personally would rather jump ship, than to see it turn into some hip-to-stay-afloat group, fighting to become what they think scouts should be like in the 21st century. It should be like it has been for almost 100 years, the same way.

Why do you think I like being a Mason so much?

Im Listening to: ‘Take The Power Back’ by Rage Against The Machine from the album Rage Against The Machine

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