Busy and Updates!

Wow, this day has flown by. I have been working on stuff since about 8 this morning. I put together the bookshelf/media center we got from IKEA, which I used now for holding my CD’s. Ill prob display a few more things on it, as well as hold Deborah’s CDs. It actually looks a lot nicer in here than I thought it was going to.

Other project for this morning was to start painting. I took this little night stand like bookcase that debs made in high school. It was just plain wood, that had marks and stains all over it. So I sanded, primed, and put the first coat of paint on. Im going to let it dry overnight, and then sand again, and put on another coat of black as well as detail work tomorrow.

Even more, another project was fixing the car. Not only am i letting the inch of water drain and air out, I fixed the drivers door lock. Now it works, but I dont think it will last. Also cleaned the junk out of there from the trip to the river on the 4th.

You already have seen one of my other projects. I fixed this blog page. It used to be a hybrid of my dreamweaver template and a blogger template I found online. But last night, when looking, I couldnt find it, so I made my own, which also got rid of some other problems. That column on the right now goes all the way to the bottom. Over time, I would like to add stuff over there like current screenshots, weather in Richmond, maybe even some type of live feeds from other sites, or newest links on mine. We will see. This also means the acual posts wont have weird format problems, and also should be a bit easier to read now.

I tried updating the gallery to version 1.5, but in my haste and half-awakeness, i broke it all. For some reason, its not wanting to let me set it up right, the PHP page is failing. I REALLY like gallery…but I also didnt like how I couldnt wrap my site around it with out a LOT of work. So, im prob. either going back to jalbum that I used to use, or use Photoshops album export. I could then link to individual galleries right off the actual pics page.

Tonight is clothes shopping (since I got a huge paycheck from work as well as my check from Microsoft), getting some food and drinks, and also a party at Chris’s and Chad’s for Chad’s birthday.

Lastly…look at what im listening to. I ALWAYS though KISS wrote this song, Ace sang it. But sure enough, it was the ‘Stones. Don’t you know im a 2000 man?

Im Listening to: ‘2000 Man’ by Rolling Stones from the album Their Satanic Majesties Reques

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