Its much better than that…

Yesterday was quite long, but it sure wasnt bad. I worked from 9-5 (almost the usual), but Nathan and I left early for a meeting in southside. This meeting was to dertermine more about the future of VxNet, which is really starting to come together. That, and development will start back up. I am going to be doing some coding after work trying to tie up loose ends and add more technology. First step, GPS. I have tried this before, but didnt get to far. So I would like to get that done this weekend. I heard Chris got something from it, may have to see where I was missing (im thinking its a thread or loop it needs to be run in).

The meeting was really nice, its nice just to meet people, espc. in your field. Not just for connections, but also just to get different views on stuff that we (as in geeks) see everyday.

But you may be wondering…what the hell is up with the title. easy!

While sitting there, I could not help but notice those around me. Not that I was distracted, I was well into the conversation, I was just looking. There was a lady at one table, and then a younger “couple” (not sure if they were together, just a guy and girl) at another. Both had their clients come in at the same time, but these two tables were completely disconnected.

So these young adults come in. The alone lady welcomes them, and starts her presentation about what money can do for you, and how you can make some, with no work at all, and soon be by yourself as powerfull as some of the Fortune 100 companies. The other table plops out some NO SUGAR ADDED energy drinks, and starts their presentation to their clients as well.

Tristar is the bomb, yo.

I couldnt help but laugh inside. These fools think there going to make it rich. Heck, I would love to as well, but it DOES take work. I have had to sit through those presentations, and I just wanted to jet. I wasnt going to drink that tristar koolaid, and be brainwashed like them. I have a cousin that “has his own sucsessfull company”, which is Tristar based. His whole immediate family looks up on it. YES! He is in the fast paced world of e-commerce! But what they dont mention is that he also works full time, as a factory worker and a plant here in richmond. Yup, 12 hour shifts, doing repetitive work. No Hummers, or BMW’s, or Benz’s. Its so funny when we go visit them, caus there is always a new catalog or update on the company.

Im more wealthy than I ever have been before, but my bank accounts are the lowest the have been in years.

Im Listening to: ‘Try/Version 1’ by Smashing Pumpkins from the album Machina II/Friends And Enemies Of Modern Music

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