Good idea…

I saw this post from Scoble this morning when reading through my feeds. Pretty cool. Espc. since I am also a SIRIUS listener. I would love to have podcasts on the radio like that. Yeah, I have listened to the Podshow from Adam Curry, but its just not all there. While they wouldnt be selected, and no way to really track them, it would be fun to listen to once in a while. Mainly, because I would get to have a taste of some of the casts that I dont listen to, without having to look for them. Just think of how many things in your life you find, that you really like, and at times couldnt live without, and how you really were not even looking for them! Thats even how i found the LOVE of my LIFE!

Sirius is nice, you have heard me say it time and again. The Durango we rented last week for the mDT trip to NC, we had it in there. It was fun listening to the different stuff. It actually made me pick up some more channels that I dont usually listen to. And no real cut outs at all.

Lastly, for those who dont know who scoble is, well, hes pretty cool. Ive been reading his stuff for a while. He is at Microsoft, and pretty much blogs all day! He does videos ALL The time for Channel 9. If your a techie, you may like his stuff. We almost met him while in Seattle. He was there taping some Imagine Cup stuff, but I never really ever saw him. I did get me a cool Channel 9 guy though!

Im Listening to: ‘The Faded Line’ by Lamb Of God from the album Ashes Of The Wake

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