Yeah, I tried writing this about 3 times yesterday, and w.bloggar kept crashing. Oh well.

I upgraded to iTunes 4.9, as well as updating my iPod. IT ROCKS! Apple hit it DEAD on when they did podcasting. I no longer have to have an algorithim of playlists that let me have just the new podcasts on my iPod, its all done for me. And to migrate all my podcats over wasnt hard either. Another thing I like is that if you click the center button a few times, you get to shownotes! ITS PERFECT! So I can jump to that, and see what I want to listen too. I also got some more free songs from iTMS (thanks 7-11). Lastly, a while back, Nathan showed me a site with a bunch of mix playlists, so I downloaded a bunch of new songs from not so well known artists. This all helps alot, caus I get to listen to music or what I want whle at work, so I just use my iPod all day :). For those that dont know what a podcast is, please get iTunes 4.9 and check it out that way…its really easy. And you can always find something you want to listen to.

The 4th was nice. We went down to White Stone, VA, to a friend Winters house. This is the place that I got burnt really bad last time. Well, this time i wore some SPF 30, and just got some sun on my shoulders, face, and chest. Debs got hurt though, she tore up her feet really bad. Oh well, I get to play doc this time! We swam, played in the water, cooked, and hung out all night, ending with some nice fireworks. Well, right before, Chris had been calling me. I called him back, and he asked when I would be home, caus he had something to show me.

Sure enough, it was something. The guy went and bought a brand new 350Z! Most people know this happens to be one of my favorite cars, and now it sits right out back! So we get home at like 1230, and he was up. So sure enough we went for a ride. AND WHAT A RIDE! That has to be the fastest car I have been in. I still want one pretty bad, and im sure I would be getting a ticket every day with the thing. We zoomed through the westend area for 30min or so. What a ride. Check out some of the pics….. Im still getting closer and closer to mine. Maybe not a 350z, but I have been really looking at the Scion tC. For under $20k, I can get quite a setup, possibly Supercharged, and very quick! This will be coming this fall when I go fulltime.

Well, thats all for now. You may have noticed that I updated the links at the top, im going to do it again soon. I cant seem to find something that I like!


One thought on “Lots-o-fun

  1. Thanks for the comments man, it’s a fun car for sure. Last night I learned a lot more about driving that rear wheel drive monster. So we’ll go for another ride this weekend or something.

    Like we talked about last night, you can get a 350Z for mid/high 20s and still get the same engine. Mine was a little more because of some of the options (rims/tires, leather, heated seats, cd changer, etc). I bet this fall you can get an 05 for a few thousand off while they try and get ready for the 06 model. Now we just need to get Debs on for a ride… đŸ™‚

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