Fixed the RSS feed

This morning I realized that for some reason, the new Safari nor Firefox were showing that I had a feed. Both browsers will display a RSS tag. And, if you have safari, you can then click it and see the actual feed. I know that Blogger updates it all the time when I make a post, but somehow I lost the actual tag in my code that said I had one (if that makes sense).

So its there now, and should work fine!

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Windows Vista Beta 1 ships

Well, if you dont know what that is, whats wrong with you? Well, just last week they went from Longhorn to Vista, which would be the next Windows. You can look all over the internet tongiht and see screenshots from beta testers. Darn, not only is my computer not good enough, the only Beta testing I do for Microsoft is for Visual Studio!

I do have to say it looks nice. Its still in beta too, so really rough. Will I run it? Sure, if I can get it from school cheap or free. But moreso and in the meantime, Ill be diving more and more into Tiger, which I really like!

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4 killed at Fort AP Hill

I went to the Jamboree in 1997, with troop 1526, which was made of troops from the richmond area. I had a blast of a time, doing tons of things, that I really havent ever been able to do again. I was there when that guy also flipped the Humvee and died that was delivering the ice. I do have pictures (I was also REALLY skinny back then…want to get back). Ill have to put em up sometime.

To my astonisment, I saw this morning on some feeds, and then just now on the news that 4 adults were killed setting up a tent already. Oh my. That has to suck. Some kid(s) lost a dad, a troop lost an adult leader, and the whole place was prob. going wild. I remember having SOOOO many people up there, so its not like what you do is in the background either, this would have been in plain sight.

Also, oddly enough, not to my astonishment, the jambo will no longer be held there. Why? Because of my ABSOLUTE MOST FAVORITE group, the ACLU, said since the scouts dont allow atheists and dont accept gay leaders, its not fair. And that tax money goes and supports that stuff. Blah Blah. Yeah, I know there are some non-conservitives that read this page, and heck, i myself am becoming more and more liberal actually, not staying so super-conservitve, but come on. In the good ole’ days, people didnt care about all this stuff. The only reason they care now is caus they are getting paid off big bucks by someone to say so.

I went to a scout meeting tongiht. One boy, other than a youth leader showed up. When I was in there, we had 20 boys a night at least. What needs to be done? I really dont know. These good ole things just dont really hold an interest in todays youngsters. Its a darn shame to see the troop like that, but what can you do. I personally would rather jump ship, than to see it turn into some hip-to-stay-afloat group, fighting to become what they think scouts should be like in the 21st century. It should be like it has been for almost 100 years, the same way.

Why do you think I like being a Mason so much?

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Relaxing Weekend

Ahh, yes, another laid back weekend. Im really enjoying these now. The only thing that I dont like is that Deborah works saturdays, so its not like we could go out of town for a weekend or anything. I did the usual, looked around online, painted, cleaned, slept, etc.

Ive almost finished my first painting project. It was an old bookshelf that one of Debs brothers made in high school. I painted it a nice black. I just have to do a little touch up work, later this week, and then ill bring it back in. Then this office will be done, and we can start in the living room…again. We were looking at TV’s again this weekend, im going to start reading some reviews. Then just wait for that tv to go on sale.

Henrico Co. is selling 1000 of the iBooks off in a few weeks, you bet ill be there. I know debs REALLY wants one, id like to have one to toy around with really. Only $50 too :).

I also spent most of the weekend researching cars. I think im getting on deborahs nerves talking about them so much, but im getting really excited of having my first “real” car. Is it my dream car? Heck no. But it sure is nice. Ive been mostly looking in the ~$20k range, and mostly sport compact cars. In the end, right now, it looks 95% im going with the Toyota sub-brand Scion, and the tC. You have a base price ($17k for an auto). Then you choose your addons. Ive been looking at more of the performance and suspension stuff. I like this because 1) most of the parts are TRD stuff, so really nice, and 2) its all covered under warranty. Ive been looking at the TRD exhaust, as well as the TRD springs and Strut kit, and then for looks the lip spoiler. Over all, reall nice, and quick, car for under 20k. There has been rumors for a year or so about the Supercharger kit for them, from TRD as well. But emmisions problems in CA have been holding it out. Now some of what I have heard says that it can come out in the next few weeks, and the date Sept. 12th was thrown out as well. Yeah, it will be a bit of an addon…but it can be financed with the car as well, and you guessed it, covered under warranty as well!

This week should be nice. Its supposed to be hot (around 100) all week. Im glad I work inside. This weekend we are going up to DC for my good friend Erik’s wedding. Shoot…i still need to get them something!

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Anyone up for some music?

Deborah and I are looking to go to the GWAR show thats coming to Alley Katz on Saturday August 6th. Tickets are only $15, and you can get them now. We are getting ours soon (like this weekend), and it would rock if more are coming out. If I remember correctly, my step-mom grew up with some members of the band…so id would rock if she still had some connections 🙂


I dont know what it is, but for some reason my back is killing me. It hasnt hurt this bad since when I wrecked my old cutlass. It almost feels like something isnt in line right. I dont know. I must have just slept really weird last night.

The weekend was great. I got my first full check from work, and thats steady now…so I am FINALLY back on my feet from all that Imagine Cup – vxnet – Microsoft stuff. Plans are to build my savings back up, as well as pay off my huge $500 credit card off before school starts.

This weekend was fast, and lots of fun. Saturday we went out for a while shopping, didnt find to much though. Sunday, we missed church caus we overslept big time (from staying out late/just being tired). Chris’s party was awsome…except for this one @$$hole there. Ill just say this, if that weirdo shows up to any of my events I hold…nevermind. It was nice talking to everyone, it actually had been some time.

Sunday we went shopping again, all over. I got 3 new pairs of jeans, and bunches of new shirts. Also got the newest Goriliaz album, and the Monthy Python and the Holy Grail DVD. Whlie at Circuit City, deborah and I looked at somet TVs. I wouldnt mind a projection, since they are cheaper for their size…but those things are HUGE. Plasma is overpriced. LCDs have gotten better. I didnt like them at first, because to me when you see them not in DVD mode they look terriable. We prob will go with DLP, since they are a great buy for the money. Im thinking prob. 50″, not the 56. We will see. Deborah mentioned even getting this the week after next, but I think I want to wait a bit longer.

Its that time again!

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Busy and Updates!

Wow, this day has flown by. I have been working on stuff since about 8 this morning. I put together the bookshelf/media center we got from IKEA, which I used now for holding my CD’s. Ill prob display a few more things on it, as well as hold Deborah’s CDs. It actually looks a lot nicer in here than I thought it was going to.

Other project for this morning was to start painting. I took this little night stand like bookcase that debs made in high school. It was just plain wood, that had marks and stains all over it. So I sanded, primed, and put the first coat of paint on. Im going to let it dry overnight, and then sand again, and put on another coat of black as well as detail work tomorrow.

Even more, another project was fixing the car. Not only am i letting the inch of water drain and air out, I fixed the drivers door lock. Now it works, but I dont think it will last. Also cleaned the junk out of there from the trip to the river on the 4th.

You already have seen one of my other projects. I fixed this blog page. It used to be a hybrid of my dreamweaver template and a blogger template I found online. But last night, when looking, I couldnt find it, so I made my own, which also got rid of some other problems. That column on the right now goes all the way to the bottom. Over time, I would like to add stuff over there like current screenshots, weather in Richmond, maybe even some type of live feeds from other sites, or newest links on mine. We will see. This also means the acual posts wont have weird format problems, and also should be a bit easier to read now.

I tried updating the gallery to version 1.5, but in my haste and half-awakeness, i broke it all. For some reason, its not wanting to let me set it up right, the PHP page is failing. I REALLY like gallery…but I also didnt like how I couldnt wrap my site around it with out a LOT of work. So, im prob. either going back to jalbum that I used to use, or use Photoshops album export. I could then link to individual galleries right off the actual pics page.

Tonight is clothes shopping (since I got a huge paycheck from work as well as my check from Microsoft), getting some food and drinks, and also a party at Chris’s and Chad’s for Chad’s birthday.

Lastly…look at what im listening to. I ALWAYS though KISS wrote this song, Ace sang it. But sure enough, it was the ‘Stones. Don’t you know im a 2000 man?

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