In Charlotte

Took my first trip with work this week! 🙂

Yesterday at work was mostly packing and getting stuff together. After another meeting for VxNet, we met back at work and got ready to leave. We rented a new Durango for the ride. Its nice, but not my thing. Drives worse that deb’s. One plus is that it did have sirius, which was REALLY nice. Octane 20 does have a good mix when you listen for a while, but I also checked out stations that I usually wouldnt listen to.

We got here around 1. I check mail and stuff and then hit the sack. We have to be downstairs in a few minutes to get ready for work. Im working about 14 hours today, prob not back here till 2AM. Fun times!

In other news…Apple put some major stuff out yesterday. First was iTunes 4.9. What better timing, since I wont be able to work with it until this weekend. But from what I have been reading, they handle it the way I was hoping, rather than making things much harder.

They also released the new iPod. All color now. So, im getting rid of mine! Thats right, I have only had it a few months and im selling it. The 20GB starts at $299, and I can get my student discount on it. Debs will be picking one up as well. Though, while thinking about it today, I may have to wait till next year. I was going to wait a month or so, but my have to wait longer. I purchased my iPod mini under the discount, and I think I only get one a year. We will seee. When I get home though, ill be updating mine with the new software that handles the podcasts.

I have my camera. I have my iPod. I have my laptop. Im set. If I get some time, ill take some pics, but I dont know. Its great down here in ‘NASCAR Country’.

Well, its that time…


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