Lack of updates…

As you can see, I really have not been able to spend much time here! Im working 9-6 every day now, with weekends off. And when I get off work after 6 (sometimes stay a bit later), the last thing I want to do is sit infront of the computer. I dont know what it is…and im not complaining! Every job I have had, everything I have done with school, ive always just come home, sat infront of the computer for hours checking mail/reading feeds/surfing the web. But now, I want to do everything but.

Work has been great though. Every day I go in, im learning something new, playing with some new program or technology, and discovering new things for the company as well as for myself. I did some really cool stuff this past week, and was amazed that I actually got through it. Remember, im actually a network guy, not a programer…and im doing some Network-person things now, and this is really my first hands on stuff. Next week is my first trip, and im heading south. Ill be out of town from Tuesday until Friday.

Tuesday I also meet with my Imagine Cup team and a local software vendor. This guy controls the contract with the State of VA and the VA Dept of Health right now…so he would actually have to bring VxNet to market. So, were going to toss some numbers and other ideas. I have to back out of development though, due to my Non-Compete/Non-Disclosure. Ill work with it a little over the summer, and then see what happens. Am I sad? No. I can honestly say that while VxNet (and imagine cup) is the coolest thing I have ever done in my career, its arena (medical) doesnt happen to be my #1 interest (if that makes sense). I would have never come up with the idea on my own…or even thought about it…and am not on top of where it could go. That, and it was a school project, that we are lucky enough there is a market for (we did have this idea from the begining though), not a investment or corporate idea. But thats another story. I love it, and my team was the BEST I could have ever hoped for, and I dont regret a second of the whole thing. It will go where it needs to though…

This weekend could have some fun in store. The Indy Racing League is in town and racing at RIR tomorrow night. I know quite a few people going, and Debs and I have been tossing the idea around. It may come down to getting tickets right before we go. Then ill give Bill a call, as well as Dad (if he goes), and a few other people. If not, then I dont know whats up this weekend. We have to do some major grocery shopping, and by the end of the month, ill be getting some real paychecks, and then were going to start decorating this place! I CANT WAIT!

Tongiht may be an early night. I have to take mom and barry to the airport in the morning around 5:30. I may go out with the geeks tonight. Some of them went to Friday Cheers, but I had just sat down to dinner. Im watching some TV now, may fire up the gamecube in a minute, and then possibly some web dev. Id like to update the look of the site a little bit more (mainly the navigation).


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