All Things Change

Oh My…

Lets start with this. For those who dont know, im a HUGE smashing pumpkins fan. They were the #1 band for me before KISS, and still kinda hold that spot at times. I got to meet Billy Corgan and James Iha in 1999 as well. I have every album (which I cant say about KISS) that they put out, as well as many of their b-sides, etc.

While I was cleannig up the office tonight, I started ripping Billy Corgan’s new CD, TheFutureEmbrace. Well, I for some reason I got this urge to check Billy’s site, to see if he had put anything up since the release of the new album. Well, sure enough he did.

Read that page. Or better yet, let me spoil it for you. At the bottom, Billy says hes been holding a secret. He wants to RENEW AND REVIVE THE SMASHING PUMPKINS! WHAT?!

So, I did some searching, and came across this. Billy put in full page ads in the two big Chicago papers (estimated around $37,000) asking his bandmates to join him.

I can’t get too excited yet. What happens if they dont want to join? James has been with “A Perfect Circle” which happens to be another band I really like. Which bassist will they use? What if it ends up being like 80’s KISS, with only 2 real members (well, ok, we already had Zwan….)?

Billy is in D.C. tonight, I wish I had seen that earlier, because I would have loved to have gone. But, I can asure you, if the Smashing Pumpkins do get back together, they will be #1 again!

Just past has let me be
Returning as if dream
Shattered as belief

      – “For Martha” – the Smashing Pumpkins

Im Listening to: ‘Mina Loy (M.O.H.)’ by Billy Corgan from the album The Future Embrace

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