Getting better all the time…

Well, after my fun trip to the ER last week, and over all very uncomfortable week, I have gotten much better. The blisters have gone, but now im just peeling and having the skin come back. So, just like my car, my skin looks like one of those high quality GM paint jobs from the 90s!

The weekend was nice, kinda slow. Debs and I went out Friday night late to pick up a movie and get ice cream, it was nice just to get out of the appartment for a little while. We rented “Hitch”, but she was really tired (been up at 4:30 almost every morning), and she went to sleep. I think Friday I went to bed still hurting pretty bad, but better than I had been. I still couldnt lay back or anything.

Saturday she worked late, so we kinda just relaxed all morning. I ended up doing the same thing all day. Would be upstairs and get to warm or bored, so I would go downstairs, and then get to cold or tired. This process went on all night. Ive got to find SOMETHING to do on these weekends. I usually go out with all the friends, but everyone was pretty quiet this weekend. I would also usually just sit on the computer all night, but since Ive been working at mDT, I just dont feel like coming home to sit on the computer, especially for random web searching. Ive been wanting to pick up Cocoa (Mac programing language) or do more work in C#…but need IDEAS! If you have any cool little programs you would like implemented, let me know. It’ll be a free project, and of course open source 🙂

I think I also may pick up some new hobbies on the weekends. One to start will be renovation. Yeah, thats right. I dont know how many people know, but im huge into that kinda stuff. When I was a little kid, I didnt watch cartoons. I would sit there and watch the home improvement and building shows. And, this stuff carries over to now (every sunday morning, I watch this stuff while getting ready for church). So, I may start fixing some furniture around the place. Next weekend, im painting Debs bookcase to match the other stuff in the office, as well as the media racks we are getting. Now that im back to fully working…we are going to start decorating too!

Sunday was Dads Day. Saw Barry at church and told him happy fathers day. He was also telling us that Mike finally called, after nothing for almost a month! He was doing well, just very busy. After church, debs and I grabbed some lunch at Arby’s, I was really wanting to try that CA Chicken Salad sandwhich. Very nice. Now that things have calmed down, I can try to be health consious again. Im going back to the gym starting today, eating a bit better (mainly portion control), etc. I haven’t really gained any weight, but I can sure see it coming. Sunday night I worked in the office while Debs was cooking dinner. GOOD NEWS – the last box has been undone. BAD NEWS – its scattered in piles over the floor. Maybe tonight I will put it all away. Then Ill take some pics of the place all cleaned up so people can actually see!

Dad and Ayne came by before dinner to say hi. Gave Ayne a tour (dad helped us move in). A while after dinner, we watched Family Guy and American Dad, and then jumped into watching Hitch again. At least the movie was good enough to sit through again.

Well, I need to run, I have to get to work, but also drop the movie off on the way. Scouts tonight, as well the gym. And today starts me working ~40 a week at mDT, so some long days!

Im Listening to: ‘People Are People’ by A Perfect Circle from the album eMOTIVe

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