Trip to the ER!

Yup, thats right kids…I went to the emergency room!

I got up with debs around 4:30…and took a shower. After screaming, I got out…caus my back was hurting so bad. Sure enough, it was COVERED in blisters! So, that means I got second degree burns from sunburn! GREAT!

I just love the (insert closest hospital to my appt here) ER. We went to the ER about 5 and sat down. I didnt get taken back till about 10-15 minutes later, and then just sat around some more. It wasnt until 5:30-5:45 that I actually saw a Dr. WTF? I would hate to see what would happen if it was even more of an emergency, oh wait, ive been there too and its just as slow. When I broke my leg almost 6 years ago, same EXACT THING.

He said there was no magical cure (but after talking to mom this morning, he could have given me some nice cream that is used on burn victims. He just gave me some papers, a bill, and a prescription for Percocet (major pain killer, yumm), and Prednizone (a steriod, to help heal the blisters and keep infection out). I had the guy look at my foot as well, and he said that I was taking great care with it.

I took the day off, lounging around for the most part. Did some work for mDT, as well as met with my Imagine Cup group late on AIM chat. We are still working on that stuff..another meeting tongiht. I came to work today, and hurt…but I will make it. I just took some meds again (3 Ibprofrun) and put on some lotion.

Why did I come in today? Well its my last day at the math and science center, and for working for VCU! It will be a sad leave, I have really liked this job, but I am ready for something more serious and exciting. They are throwing me some party shortly, which would be nice. Ill come back in a few weeks for another “party” with the executive i think as well. Its been great being here, I met a whole lot of people, and what not. Heck…i even made a REALLY good friend from here, and shes been gone for a while!

So, this is my last post from the MSC. Ive cleaned up my office, backed up my laptop, and moving on.


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