Imagine Cup 2005 – Part 4 – Sunday and Monday

I slept in Sunday, of course. So did pretty much every person from VCU there. I dont know when everyone got back that morning, and I heard about some wild stories, but like I said, I came home early Sunday morning not feeling to well and just CRASHED. I really dont even remember when I got up.

People did start calling around, looking for breakfast. We ended up walking to the middle of the center we were in, and had some brunch at a light-fare like place. This is a perfect time for me to explain the Mariot in Redmond we were in. These happened to be like right in the middle of a shopping center. Imagine, in a mall like short pump town center or stony point, having a hotel kinda like in the parking lot. Or better yet, espc. at SPTC, imagine a hotel taking up about the area where American Family and Skate Nation are…yeah. I loved the idea! This may sound odd…but I really wish I had been able to go shopping. There was a Macy’s out there…and they were having a huge sale. The place was pretty up-scale and really nice. But back to the story….

We got back to the hotel about 5 minutes before checkout…and sure enough no one could get into their rooms. The hotel was nice enough to let us back in, and I know i packed like crazy. Pretty much just through everything into my bags and left. We all sat downstairs for quite a while…waiting for a ride. We ended up finding a taxi/limo service that was pretty cheap, and we zoomed into Seattle.

It was awsome. I sat shotgun, and took a ton of pics as we head into town. When we got to the hotel…we were quite supprised. One…it was quite close to downtown…I mean the edge of the major city buildings was about 5 blocks away. Better yet…we were about 1/4 from the space needle. HOW COOL?! Got into the room, and sat stuff down. We kinda walked around a bit, looking around. Went on the roof, and looked over the place. We ended up eating dinner at an Italian place right under the needle. Nothing else out of the ordinary…except this is the night we went the WRONG WAY. We were looking for some bars…and were walking away from downtown…thinking we would find something nice. All we found were metro-sexual bars. Gahhh. Couple of us just walked by the 7-11 to get some snacks and then back to the hotel.

Monday was REALLY cool. Got up a little late (since Nate and AD came back pretty late). Trisha and I met up (well, she was in the same room kinda…she just finally came back). Why not go to Mt. Saint Hellens? Most of the tourist-like places were closed for some reason. We got a few people up, and then we headed to Enterprise to get a 1999 Chevy Astro van. All jumped in and off we were!

To get there, it actually wasn’t that bad. Yeah…it was about a 2 hour drive. But really simple directions. And man the view, oh the view. I have NEVER hiked or been to a landmark sooo cool. Each stop we took a break at on the way up the actual area, the views got better and better. Eventually, we got up to the main center, and started to walk.

While most of us were not outdoors-type people (remember, we were geeks)…but after coming this didnt make sense to just stand still. Most people just stopped at the end of the paved sidewalk. No…we wanted to get farther, closer. There was this trail you could walk, no boundaries. If you slipped…you would fall…and FAR. I took prob. about 100 pictures here alone…and they still will never do it justice. We kept walking and walking…i think we were out there for about 2 hours on this trail. I personally wanted to get to this one mark…and we got about 1/4 away from there. Unf. there were loose rocks right ahead of us, and no one was going to take the risk.

Picture-wise…I got great shots. I made movies of the top of Mt St. Hellens. I made a panorama of the skyline. I have tons of pictures of me and my great friends. What a day. The air was perfect…the exercise was great.

I drove back to the hotel, most people slept. I was tired myself. Once back, we all grabbed some dinner. Again, we went out on the town…and not to much luck. This time we were all downtown. While the most of us were at Mt. St. Hellens…some of the IC guys roamed (and walked) all over downtown seattle. They found some cool places, and just pretty much bar-hopped all afternoon. So, we went to this Pool place first, and then were trying to get to a “country” bar deep downtown…but they were closed! Trisha and I grabbed a cab and head back to the hotel…the others followed later. Unf this was the last night we were going to get out…but oh well. Still a great time all together.

I will finish up this set soon with Part 5, about Tuesday and the trip home. Also…an update. While I have no clue when we get our cool packets, we do get our money soon. I have to send something else back in, and once they get it..I get my check, from Microsoft, for $187.00!!

Im Listening to: ‘MCN 6/5/05’ by Dave Winer from the podcast Morning Coffee Notes

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