Imagine Cup 2005 – Part 3 – Saturday!

Saturday was the big day. We got started really early, jumped on a bus and went out. We went to bulding 33 (i think) on the campus. This was right next door to Buildings 1-8. This was also next to the building where Microsoft Office is made…WHICH IS HUGE.

After a light breakfast (and being nervous as hell)…we got started. Sure enough, they had moved things around, and we were going to be presenting in the huge conference room, not in a “small, intimate setting” which we were told. Strike 1. We got to go first, and just get it out of the way.

Took us quite a few to get set up…mainly due to Microsoft’s problems. We started plowing through our presentation, which was going well. But then, they came up since they could not see our monitor (since our program was running in Portrait, not Landscape). This was could…so they could actually see what we were doing…BUT they also watched us almost read our notes. Strike 2 and 3. The judge, also seeing that we had a paragraph to go…told us time was only 2 minutes left (which was wrong…he would have had to started earlier that we started actually presenting). He decided to say this, right when we were in the middle of our HARD hitting ending. Strike 1000000000.

For the rest of the day (a LONG day), did a few random things. If you saw the pics on the site thats already up, Nathan and I went walking around the campus where we were. You could see mountians in the background. The Office building was beautiful….very stylish. Also looked at some of the art in building 33, where Microsoft has some of their collection. They also have a full almost 3 foot wide section of the Berlin Wall.

After lunch, they announced the winners of each region, and those who won first place…went to nationals. BTW…all 3 VCU teams were in different regions. Team Impact (mine) actually was in the West region…against 2 CMU teams, and some other team. We won second place! $750!! Just shy of a CMU team that we KNEW would beat us…but we were not supposed to go against them at first. Team ECISIS (John, John, and James), won first and went to Nationals.

We again walked around and what not the rest of the day. I also watched some of the national presentations. You sit there, and you are like “man, I know we were better than that”. Well…team ECISIS went up. And WOW. They hit everything on the nail, and looked AWSOME up there. It was wild. The judges seemed to love it, as well as most in attendance.

Once these were finally finished…we all went back into the main room where we had all our meals. Everyone was quite nervous..this is where they would announce who won. We saw a paper saying ECISIS won…they couldnt believe it though. Well…3rd place….2nd place….and then all the cams look at our table. 1st place….from VA commonwealth…team ECISIS! They won $9000 total! pretty wild!

After all this, it was time to head back…everyone was very excited. Parties were to ensue. We found some bar in redmond, and just like took over. Bunch of pool was played, some kareoke (sp), and bunch of drinks. It was awsome. I took ton of pics and movies :). I left though, since I got sick, and pretty much just crashed back at my hotel.


3 thoughts on “Imagine Cup 2005 – Part 3 – Saturday!

  1. Just wanted to say that I love the fact that you’re doing the account of your trip in a series. Everything is really detailed, and it sounds like you had a great time. I’m proud of you!

    p.s. Let me know if there’s anything I can do for you and Deb while her mom is sick.

  2. Thanks 🙂
    I was telling debs last night that after these posts…im going to move the “series” somewhere else on the site…and include some pics from my large collection…prob. under geek. Since of course, this is something I wanan remember for quite a while! Im proud of you too!

    Just say a prayer 🙂 Shes out of the hospital…but still needs to calm down 🙂

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