Intel in a Mac…

Ok…if you talked to me this weekend at all…I only talked about this…it was so exciting to hear. And of course, today, at the WWDC in CA…Steve Jobs said it was true…Macs next year will be running on an Intel chip. What does this all mean? I really dont know…of course…no one REALLY does except Mr. Jobs and his gang.

I do remember the whole FAT binary stuff from back in the day (when we went from 68k chips to PowerPC). I even wrote my FIRST programs when I was learning C++ as FAT…just caus I thought it was a cool idea. And now? We will be doing the same thing now…but with a more P.C. Term of “Universal Binaries”. I honestly, now more than ever, really want to start learning Cocoa now.

While this may look bad…there have been some posts on actual results from xbench on the Intel Macs at apple that people can use. You can see a comparison here. Remember, the Mac thats doing the Gigaflops has two 2.7 GHz G5’s and 2 gigs of RAM (and of course OS X is optimized like crazy for it)…while the 3.6 GHz intel is just running their new build, and not fully optimized applications.

When will I get my next mac? I dont know. Ive been wanting a Mini for so long…and I really wanted a new computer. I could always buy a new one now…and then another later, but that wouldnt be a good idea. In the keynote, Jobs mentioned that there was still some VERY interesting things to come in the PowerPC we will see.

Also been in talks about working some more on VxNet. Some fun stuff coming up, and we will see what happens. Development will continue. 🙂


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